Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs – Calgary, Alberta

I went to Cruffs at the end of 2010, and I remember telling all my friends about it… and they gave me the funniest look ever — they said “only I would find a cream puff place and enjoy it”. To my delight, it’s like one of the talk of the town!! 🙂 I think Calgary has phased into little sweets, to sweeten up the day!! Cream puffs, cupcakes, cookies and pies are becoming quite popular now!

I really LOVED Cruffs, and I will go back in a heart beat! They have great flavors of cream that they squirt into the cream puff when you order it — that way the cream puffs stay very crispy on the outside, and creamy in the inside.

We went on a quiet weekday, and they seem to not have all the flavors advertised, but that was fine with us! We had vanilla, strawberry, banana, coconut and hazelnut chocolate, all in regular sized cream puffs!

They also have Panekoek which looks like crepes, but it wasn’t the item that they are branded for, so we’ll probably go try it next time!

Overall, if you’re looking for the perfect snack that is quite light, a cream puff from Cruff’s is an excellent idea!

Cruffs, The House of Cream Puffs

2312 4 St SW
Calgary, AB

Pies Plus Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

Pies Plus Cafe is a neat little place I stumbled upon. Not wanting to make my own pies, and craving for a home made pie, I knew the frozen isle in my local grocery stores wasn’t going to do.. and, I didn’t want to go to the Farmers Market during this long weekend rush.

I then looked up great pie places, and to my excitement, there was one not far from my house. So, I went there for lunch and ordered myself a cup of hot chocolate and a slice of apple pie. Sure, the pie was cold — which would have been awesome if they popped it in the oven to make it hot again, but it was still really good.

We also ordered a beef pie and that was really delicious. The beef in the beef stew was really savory and tender, and seasoned quite nicely. There was a pie topper which was really light and flaky.

I really enjoyed my experience here, although it was a little costly. The neat thing however, there were lots of people who came in and out of the store with empty pie dishes, which was neat! It sure keeps their customers coming back for more pies!

Pies Plus Cafe

611-12445 Lake Fraser Dr SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 271-6616

Glamorgan Bakery – Calgary, Alberta

I love bakeries and when I heard about Glamorgan, I had to try it! We got cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing, and some sausage rolls to eat! We loved both of them, and would highly recommend it to anyone. They make lots of types of loaves of bread and buns, and specialties such as scones and cakes and other great home made looking desserts.

I also really love cookies and other desserts, so I am really excited for the next time I have a chance to stop by to purchase more baked goodies!

The sausage roll that I enjoyed was really enjoyable. It had a perfect flaky crust around a huge handful of sausage roll filling. Yes, the pastry was greasy, but that’s what gives it the buttery flakes — resulting in irresistible sausage rolls!

The cinnamon buns were perfect! We heat it up just a tad, and the cream cheese icing is like no other icing I’ve had with cinnamon buns before. These are a must try!!

Glamorgan Bakery

#20, 3919 Richmond Road SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 242-2800