Giorgio’s Trattoria – Banff, Alberta

Giorgio’s is a really good location for Italian cuisine in Banff, AB. It is located right on Main Street, which makes it really convenient if you’re just walking up and down the street trying to find something really good at a reasonable price. Sure, I haven’t been there for awhile now, but I remember my dinner well — so it was really a positive experience that is memorable.

I love shrimp and I ordered the Seafood Linguine, and as you can tell, it’s quite large in portion as I’ve eaten some before the picture was taken. The shrimp wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not the best either! You can see it as they do camouflage with the tomato sauce!

Very memorable, we had the braised rabbit, which doesn’t seem like they have that item anymore. It was really soft, tender, fall of the bone and juicy!! It was something I would have had again, but now we’ll try to find braised rabbit at other locations.

Giorgio’s Trattoria
219 Banff Avnue
Banff, AB

Quarry Dining Lounge – Canmore, Alberta

We found ourselves at Quarry’s one evening as everywhere we wanted to try was completely booked up. Quarrys was also booked up, but they gave us a seat at the bar which was really neat! I love watching bartenders mix up drinks!

The food service was really fast despite the mad rush they had! They warned us that our meals would take awhile, but we didn’t think it was bad at all. We started with their bread and it was very fresh! Nothing like fresh bread on any day!

I ordered their Panko Crusted Salmon and I loved the seafood here! The fish was fresh without having the fishy taste. The crispy crust wasn’t hard or dry or greasy! It was a perfectly executed and it was delicious.

My hubby ordered their Steak and to our delight, it was very tender with tons of flavour. The portion was very generous and prepared to perfection of the doneness of the steak. The fries was thin and not soggy.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot here, and so we ordered dessert, their Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was simple and delicious. Everything was perfect at our experience at the Quarry!

What an amazing place to go to for a delicious and simple meal!

Quarry Dining Lounge

718 Main St
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-6088

Bumpers Beef House – Banff, Alberta

Bumpers Beef House is tucked away near the highway as you enter into Banff National Park – and it’s tucked away inside Bumpers Inn, by the gas station. We use to go here a lot for beef, as they always made it quite perfect for us! We’re not too interested in the unlimited salad bar, but we do take a few veggies and a dinner roll.

I ordered the ladies cut of prime rib, and it was large! I could barely finish it, but I stuffed myself and left extremely satisfied before we left Banff and headed back home. I blame the unlimited salad bar that stuffed me a little over the edge!

We also tried the 10oz Spencer Steak, and that was really good. Not only did they get perfect grill marks on the steak, it was cooked to perfection!

Bumpers Beef House

603 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB