Top Shanghai Cuisine 上海一只鼎 – Richmond

During our trip to Vancouver, we were recommended a Shanghai place to eat, so we decided to stop there for a little snack. We were told it was located at the intersection of No 3 Road and Ackroyd Road and was called Top Shanghai Cuisine and we were excited as there were a few tables there during an odd hour of visit. We weren’t really greeted by anyone, so we just picked a table, and some menus flew down on our table.

We started off with the usual suspects. the Soybean Milk and we got one hot and one cold! The cold one came in a fairly good sized glass, and it was cold and refreshing. It doesn’t tasted like store bought soy milk, yet, it’s not the same as the ones I make at home either. Regardless, it was really nice.

The hot soybean milk came in a little mug, and it was piping hot! Super comforting, and actually something I was looking for to help cut some grease as I’ve been eating a lot and wasn’t planning on quitting eating healthier as I was on holidays!

When I talk about grease, there’s nothing more notorious than Deep Fried Dough, and here, it comes on a plate with a few pieces. To be honest, it wasn’t the best either… It was decent, with a nice crunch to the dough, but the inside wasn’t super tender and soft and there was tons of grease in this one.

From here, was ordered some Shanghai style dumplings, which they called Steamed bun filled with pork Nanxiang Style which was really good. The skin on these steamed buns was extremely thin and delicate and the meat filling was plenty!

Here’s an excellent shot of the inside of the steamed bun – not too much hot liquid came out of these, but it was really delicious!

While we were here, we also ordered something that I love, the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings which I love from anywhere. Here, the skin seems a little chewier and with this unique texture, it leads me to think they made the skin by hand! I’ve never tasted any skin quite like it and it’s very enjoyable.

Now, as delicious as this was, I must say, it was the greasiest dish of them all! As you can see on the plate, there are already puddles of oil, but it never stops me from eating dumplings! I do wish there was a tad more filling in these but the flavours was spectacular! It was very enjoyable, and filling. Now that we’re full and bloated – we were ready to find the next food adventure!

Overall, I did enjoy this place, and I’m glad I only came here for a quick snack and not a meal. There’s tons of food and it’s a tad greasy. The prices aren’t terrible either! Parking can be a challenge as it shares a parking lot with other stores and supermarkets – it’s located in a strip plaza and drives go anywhere, in any direction.

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Top Shanghai Cuisine 上海一只鼎

5880 #3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-8790