Analog Coffee (17th Ave SW) – Calgary, Alberta

We were looking for a nice place to sit down and do a bit of blogging. I enjoy going to Analog and it is a place that makes me happy, any of their locations. This day we went to their 17th Avenue location.

I love ordering Mocha as it’s coffee and chocolate mix. It’s always a delicious choice. The nice thing about Analog is that they always do their latte art, no matter what! I always appreciate a simple thing like that and I never mind waiting a few extra minutes for a pretty drink.

I ordered an Apple Cinnamon Scone and to be honest, it was rather dry. It tasted good, but it just wasn’t what I would expect from here.

We also ordered their Ham and Cheese Croissant as it was a bit of a lunch during this visit. This was really delicious as they heated it back up, and the croissant was light and flaky!

My other half ordered a Latte which was a smooth and creamy latte and he enjoyed it thoroughly. I enjoyed it as well, especially next to my scone!

Overall, this place is a great place to go. This isn’t our first time here and it won’t be our last. We enjoy Fratello’s coffee! There’s not always a table for you as a lot of people do sit down. We didn’t stay too long but there was a quiet period around 3PM so we stayed until the next pocket of busyness. Parking was alright for us as well since we lucked out with the timing.

Analog Coffee

740 17th Ave SW,
Calgary, AB
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Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Beef Noodle House – Calgary, Alberta

My coworkers and I have been talking about going to pho for awhile, and this one afternoon – we went! They brought me to Pho Dau Bo for their pho and it was so good that I brought my husband there!

I really enjoy having Salad Rolls so naturally I ordered them. I was kind of hungry so it didn’t matter. The salad rolls were really good and fresh, the skin was thin and delicate but it held the roll together.

I guess this location is known for their Pho Sate, my husband had to try it with beef! He really loved the flavour of the soup and the meat was really good. It’s like no other satay pho we’ve had! I really enjoyed the soup and he seemed to agree with me!

I ordered the weekend special, which was Bun Bo Hue and it has always been one of my favourite dishes – although not every restaurant has it. This one only has it on weekends.

Overall, the experience here was exceptional! The service was friendly and fast, the food had large portions and they were really tasty, the atmosphere was clean and comfortable – it accomplishes its purpose and there’s quite a bit of parking outside in the Little Saigon Center!

Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Beef Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Pho Dau Bo Vietnamese Beef Noodle House

Little Saigon Centre
4909 17 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 272-5160

The Coup – Calgary, Alberta

We went to The Coup for my sister-in-law’s birthday as this was a place she picked – which is great, I’ve never been here before! It’s a cute little place on 17th Avenue which caters to local & organic, and meat free!

We started our day with our drinks, where I ordered a Chocolate Chai and it was rather tasty. It’s not as spicy as I would like it, but it was a good blend.

I decided on ordering the Un-Traditional which turned out to be a plate of food that I actually liked quite a bit! It had scrambled eggs, toast, rosemary hashbrowns, king oyster mushroom bacon, smoked maple baked beans. I really enjoyed the rosemary hashbrowns, it was very tasty and quite different from other hashbrowns!

My husband had ordered the “un-baked” hippy split that was a mixture of granola with quinoa, banana, and hemp hearts made with almond milk. This bowl was actually quite tasty and really filling!

Our overall experience here was positive. It satisfied the meat lover in me and my husband – still leaving feeling satisfied and really full. It was a great place and now I know I can take my sister here when she visits as she’s vegan, it will be easier for her!

The Coup on Urbanspoon

The Coup

924 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 541-1041

Crepes & Cravings – Calgary, Alberta

This one evening, I met up with a good friend, and we decided to grab dinner at Crepes & Cravings located right on 17th Avenue. It’s a cute little place that offers both sweet and savoury crepes, and even gelato!

I never know what I want to eat. It’s best if you order for me… but, this day, I knew I wanted their Philly Cheese Roast Beef crepe, and it was a good one! It was jammed packed with roast beef and provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion and their cheese sauce! It was actually a lot more filling that I would ever imagine!

My husband went for his go-to if he sees it, and so he ordered the Montreal Smoked Meat Crepe and it definitely looked good – filled with Montreal smoked meat with Swiss cheese, spinach, tomato and mustard! We normally would split half and half, but by the time I finished half of my crepe, he was pretty much done! So, I actually never tried it. Clearly, he was in love with it!

My friend ordered the The Sicilian and I must admit, her’s looked THE BEST! I didn’t try it either, but she loved it! Her crepe was filled with Italian meats and provolone cheese, roasted pepeers, tomatoes, onions and olives!

At the end of this visit, we all agreed this is the perfect place for a light dinner, or an awesome lunch! We all thought we would be back! Next time, maybe we’ll split some crepes and make room for dessert crepes or gelato!

Crepes & Cravings - Crepes, Gelato & Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Crepes & Cravings – Crepes, Gelato & Ice Cream

1013 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 228-6523

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt – 17th Avenue Calgary

So, this is an interesting post. It’s not my first invite to Grand Openings and whatnot. However, I must say – this is the first time I’ve attended any invite from my activity in the blogosphere. How could I resist such an invite to Tutti Fruitti?? I’m sure glad I attended as it was what I really wanted – delicious, creamy, indulgent. light and refreshing frozen yogurt! This store front location is perfect as it’s near tons of people, both residential and commercial so this really is an ideal location.

Once in the store, you basically greet the amazing team, and walk straight to the back where the frozen yogurt dispensers are! You first start by picking up a cute cup – large or small, which really depends on how much frozen yogurt and toppings you want to put on. I totally recommend just grabbing the big cup since you never know when you’re going to dispense too much frozen yogurt – or decide on too many toppings. These cups are weighed at the end when you’re ready to enjoy – and at $0.55 an ounce, it makes it a great treat, big or small!

Once you’ve filled up your cup with the frozen yogurt, take a walk back to the front of the store where an huge array of toppings are presented for you to choose from. These toppings range from brownies, to tapioca pearls that have a little burst of flavour, to regular candies and snacks you love to enjoy anywhere! You can really be here forever – and this is where a BIG cup comes handy! Don’t walk too fast like me, I didn’t see the Ghiradelli caramel and chocolate syrups till I was done my yogurt.

I ended up enjoying a delicious cup of yogurt with coconut and pineapple twist (middle lever is a mix of the 2 flavours) as I love that combination – like a Pina Colada! It always transports me to somewhere warm and special – so I love that combination. The frozen yogurt here is really creamy, smooth and light. The texture is great as there isn’t ice crystals throughout! My toppings was simple, I choose some mochi and lychee boba. I love the boba’s Tutti Frutti has to offer from here!

This is really the place to be at – hot or cold outside, it’s the perfect light and delicious treat where you can decide anything! I’ve learned from the past place with so many options… taking everything you like in one doesn’t taste the best when it melts together. My advice now: Have lots of separate cups! 🙂 This place will be a heaven for kids and just a fantastic place just to hang out and catch up with friends and family. This location offers a great comfortable downstairs as well, making it one of the largest Tutti Frutti store fronts out there!

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

858 16th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S0B7
(403) 460-8846