Lufthansa Airlines to Birmingham via Frankfurt

Ok, this is an interesting travel arrangement, and it’s not like me. It’s actually my first time flying on Lufthansa, and I must admit, I really enjoyed it! The economy class was quite spacious, and the food was really decent!

We sat pretty much at the very back of the plane, right in the centre seats where the configurations change to 3-3-3, and we were really lucky – the 2 of us had the 3 seats in the centre for the entire flight. It made getting up and going to the bathroom easier, and we got to order food and drink from which ever side came first! It was great!

We boarded this flight in the afternoon, local time, and it became an over-night flight with the time zone shifts and what not. We arrived in Frankfurt about 6:30 in the morning the following day. The transition was really good and avoided tiredness and jet lag, since I slept on the plane.

The hot dinner provided on-board in economy class was actually really good. I ordered the chicken meal, which was a hot dish of chicken meat, mashed potatoes and broccoli. All the meals had the standard bun, salad, cheese & crackers, and apple crumble.

The pasta dish was really nice as well, it was penne in a light tomato sauce, topped with olives. It’s a great portion size, and much bigger than some other airlines I’ve flown with before as well.

My favourite would be the chicken meal, and the apple crumble. I inhaled the entire thing, and it wasn’t because I was hungry, it was actually because it was a good meal!

  • Lufthansa Airbus 340 - 300 YYC to FRA
  • Lufthansa Boarding
  • Lufthansa Day Time On Board in Cabin
  • Lufthansa Hot Dinner - Chicken Meal
  • Lufthansa Hot Dinner - Pasta Meal
  • Lufthansa Snacks
  • Lufthansa Night Shot On-Board
  • Lufthansa Hot Breakfast

Then, near the end of the flight, they served us a hot breakfast! It was a giant plain omelette that sat in some spinach sauce. The omelette was really quite fluffy, and a large portion of the egg as well. It had a sausage, which was really good, and not too greasy, and some potatoes. The meal also had some yoghurt and little roll which I ate with jam!

When we deplaned in Frankfurt, we were actually to walk down a set of stairs where a shuttle would take us to the terminal. It was quite an neat experience, and it was really refreshing to walk off the plane and get some fresh air right away!

  • Lufthansa - Our Aircraft Deplaning
  • Lufthansa view from the airplane

Cool thing about the flight is the safety video – it’s in German! 🙂