Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil

If you haven’t figured out where I live, I live in a dry place – almost desert like conditions without the heat here in Calgary! So, it’s no surprise that skin gets so dry and tight, especially in the winter. Recently, I’ve discovered the product Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil and it has become a product I think I’ll have forever!

This little bottle has lasted me a very long time so far, and I’ve barely made a dent! It’s costly, but obviously is something you use very little of as it is oil after all! I use about 2-3 drops depending on how dry the conditions are, and it’s always enough to go around and some more! It’s extremely hydrating, and it smells great. I think with the skin being more hydrated, it will be a good investment as it will help prevent some fine lines that I’m starting to see as I’m more on the dehydrated side!

Sometimes in the summer when I may think I’m producing more oils than needed, this has actually helped balance my skin and oil production! So, it’s a great product and a great investment!