Heinz Bagel Bites Cheese and Pepperoni

I’ve been looking for some frozen food that is pretty good, fast, and delicious. I ran across Heinz products in the freezer aisle and headed right for Bagel Bites. I picked up a box in Cheese & Pepperoni! A normal box comes with 9 little bagel bites, which seems plenty for 2 adults for a quick & hot breakfast – or an after work snack.

It’s rather simple to prepare, as you have the option to put them in the microwave for a few minutes or in a oven (and even the toaster oven!). I had some time, so I put my bagel bites into the toaster oven for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, I took out the bagel bites and all the cheese was melted and the bagel was toasted! It was a wonderful little bite of goodness!

Tim Hortons Breakfast Bagel BELT Sandwich

What is a lazy day without a Tim Hortons breakfast? Finally, I got myself to try a Toasted Bagel B.E.L.T. breakfast sandwich instead of my usual suspects – toasted bagels with cream cheese. It was a welcoming change as it a filling and heartier sandwich!

This breakfast bagel BELT sandwich consists of two strips of crisp bacon, a seasoned egg patty, fresh lettuce, ripe tomato and processed cheese – of course, on a bagel which you get to choose! I chose the sesame seed bagel as it’s my favourite.

The texture of this breakfast sandwich is really quite unique from other breakfast sandwiches – especially ones with bagel! I like that Tim Hortons uses fresh bagels as it enhances the breakfast experience! I like it!

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

We started the day dropping by the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company before our day hike as we were looking for something fast, filling, and delicious! We found ourselves stopping at the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co on Bow Valley Trail, and it was opened early enough to accommodate us!

I had that BCLT Bagel on Jalapeno Cheese Bagel and the filling inside the bagel was quite typical, as BCLT stands for bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. The ingredients used were really fresh so it was really good. I must say, I really enjoyed the jalapeno cheese bagel, as it looks like your typical cheese bagel with a nice kick once in awhile! The bagel was not only very flavourful, but it had a nice consistency, denseness and texture! Just the way I like my bagels!!

We also had the Amigo Bagel on Jalapeno Cheese Bagel and this bagel seemed to be an omelet with green peppers, and onions on the bagel with plain cream cheese, and topped with slices of tomato, salsa & cheddar.

The environment was small and intimate, yet very comfortable! Lots of room for a lazy morning, and since this locations isn’t in downtown Canmore, it’s not as busy either! In fact, it seemed like their customers were mostly taking their meals to go!

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

6A-1306 Bow Valley Trail
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-9968

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company – Canmore, Alberta

I heard lots of great things about the Rocky Mountain Bagel Company in Canmore! So, we woke up one day while we were staying out in Canmore and decided to try for ourselves. The places is very comfortable, and very welcoming!

We ordered 2 bagels and 2 hot chocolates, and were given a colored spoon to put on our table. When the order was ready, they would come by and give us our order. It was a really neat system they had. I found it hard to tell some spoons apart from others, but I guess they’re us to it!

The bagel sandwiches were really fresh! They’re amazing!! The bagels had a nice consistency and the sandwiches were fresh! I had the Mountaineer and that bagelwich was filled with Cream Cheese, Montreal Smoked Beef, and toppings like Lettuce, Tomato, and Onions.

The other sandwich that we ordered was the Smoked Turkey Bagelwich and that was delicious and fresh as well. The best part was the food was relatively inexpensive for what it was, and where it was too!

Rocky Mountain Bagel Company

830 8 Street
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-9978