Bumpers Beef House – Banff, Alberta

Bumpers Beef House is tucked away near the highway as you enter into Banff National Park – and it’s tucked away inside Bumpers Inn, by the gas station. We use to go here a lot for beef, as they always made it quite perfect for us! We’re not too interested in the unlimited salad bar, but we do take a few veggies and a dinner roll.

I ordered the ladies cut of prime rib, and it was large! I could barely finish it, but I stuffed myself and left extremely satisfied before we left Banff and headed back home. I blame the unlimited salad bar that stuffed me a little over the edge!

We also tried the 10oz Spencer Steak, and that was really good. Not only did they get perfect grill marks on the steak, it was cooked to perfection!

Bumpers Beef House

603 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB

McDonald’s – Banff

It has been awhile since the last time I’ve found myself in this McDonalds as there are soo many other great options to eat at. I do like this McDonalds as it’s very comfortable with a nice cozy fireplace… and automated garbage compressors! They even said “Thank you” after you gave it garbage!

I’ve found myself going to other places now, but it’s not because it tastes bad — as mentioned, there’s so many other choice and options that seem like a better idea to try than a McDonalds you can get from anywhere!

We did order 2 Sausage and Egg McMuffins combos for breakfast, and everything was really fresh. It tasted great!

  • McDonalds in Banff, AB
  • McDonalds in Banff, AB

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McDonald’s – Banff

116 Banff Ave
Banff, AB

Cows – Banff, Alberta

ICE CREAM! Who doesn’t stop at Cow’s for ice cream on a nice hot day?? Usually if it’s nice outside, the lineup for Cow’s ice cream would be out the door.

Today, it was no different. It’s always worth the wait as their ice cream is really flavourful, and smooth. I can say it’s almost perfect! I ordered their Wowie Cowie in a dish and it was amazing. They described it as Vanilla ice cream, English toffee marble, hocolate flakes, and Moo Crunch (crunch candy bar). It looks as good as it tastes!

They have a really creative menu – which can be quite challenging if you’ve got allergies… you’d have no idea what ingredients are in the ice cream! My hubby ordered their Moo Crunch, which was chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups, and moo crunch! It was a nice blend of smooth and crunch!

We had a friend with us and his ice cream was much more normal! He had a double scoop and one coop was Chocolate which is self explanatory and the other was PEI Blueberries and both of these flavours tasted like what it’s supposed to!


134 Banff Ave.
Banff, AB
(403) 760-3493

Sushi House – Banff, AB

We went out to Banff for an afternoon, and it was so much fun! We started the day trip with eating lunch at the Sushi House, as it’s always fun to pick which plate of sushi you want off the moving train that goes around a bar counter.

We have been here before for dinner, and I personally think the options are greater in the evening (and a little fresher as well). We sampled a lot of dishes, and we left with a really full tummy.

One of my favorite sushi would be the Hokkigai, or the surf clam. It wasn’t on the train, but I was able to ask the sushi chef to make me some, and he did without hesitation.

There were also some deep fried options, and those were good as well. As for the gyoza’s, maybe they were sitting on the train a little too long… or it just wasn’t good. Regardless, it was still pretty good, and the price was reasonable also.

The plates that you take off the train are colour coded, and that denotes the price of the plate of your sushi – which is a very convenient system they have!

Sushi House

304 Caribou Street
Banff, AB T1L
(403) 762-4353