Mug Shotz Sports Bar & Grill – Calgary

I’m often looking for a great place for delicious wings, and when a friend told me about Mug Shotz I thought “why not!?” This location turns out to be a tad tricky to find for the first time. It’s not exactly located RIGHT on Ogden road as the address suggest, but it’s right behind it, right before you reach Blackfoot Trail.

We got here on a Wednesday night and it was packed already! So, we sat at the bar and then later moved to a table. We ordered quite a few wings as I love wings, and of course we tried their signature Mug Shotz Salt & Pepper Wings which was amazing!

We also got an order of their Sweet Thai Chili Wings which was absolutely delicious! Sweet Thai Chili sauce is great on anything and everything, and wings are no exception! Sometimes when you order wings and it’s a saucy type, the texture isn’t as great, but here – they were able to maintain the chicken wing texture with a hint of crisp and it definitively helped to absorb all the sauce.

Then, we decided we would try their Dill Pickle Wing which was another amazing wing. If you love pickles, this is definitely the wing to order! As gross as it looks and kind of sounds, it’s really amazing! Think of a fried chicken sandwich without the bread and all the other toppings… you’re left with amazing meat and pickles!

At the end of this visit, I’m glad to say I’ve found a great new wing place that offers great tastes, flavours, and all at a great price! The wings are large and full of meat – and they all taste like what they claim they should taste.

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Mug Shotz Sports Bar & Grill

12, 2808 Ogden Road SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 264-4441