Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve been enjoying Brazilian BBQ and we’ve been hearing nothing but wonderful things about Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue so we thought we’d give it a try. It’s on the main level of a professional building just North of Chinook Centre on the East side of Macleod Trail. It can be tough to find and there’s really not too many parking spots that are reserved for “visitors”.

We knew we were going to do the Dinner Rodizio which is a Brazilian style serving style where the servers come around with giant skewers of food (the same type) and they’ll cut you off a piece if it’s something you’d like to eat! As well, there is an unlimited salad bar with some other side to accommodate with your dinner! It’s a fun experience! Once you sit down and figure out what you want, a basket of fried polenta came to our table with some sauces. It’s a great appy, but I usually save the room for the ready meat food!

I ordered myself a glass of Limonade which was delicious and refreshing limonade made with limes and it’s zest! It’s great for a hot day or any time!

The other drink we really wanted to try was their Tropical Juice – Cashew Juice and to be honest, it didn’t taste like cashews where in fact, it tasted like guava. It’s no big deal if they gave us the wrong thing, but we’re not sure!

The types of meat the dinner rodizio had was chicken hearts, lamb, parmigiano beef, top sirloin, rump steak, beef ribs, pork loin, sausage, chicken wings, and chicken wrapped with bacon!

At the end of the night, my favourite was probably the chicken hearts and the beef ribs! I had many servings of those! I had at least one of everything and I’ve got to say it was delicious! I wouldn’t mind bringing family and friends here if they were hungry!

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Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue

5920 Macleod Trail Southwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-9119

Nagaraya BBQ Cracker Nuts

My husband really likes Cracker Nuts and I have to be honest, I had no idea what this was prior to meeting him. I’ve seen them in grocery stores everywhere, but I just never had them until recently! They have lots of flavours, and each flavour is very flavourful and tastes like what it’s suppose to be!

Inside a pack of these “cracker nuts” are nuts with a very crispy & crunch coating, that is then tossed in really good flavoured powder. We got the BBQ pack this time, but there are lots out there!

All Beef Catering & Eatery

After we’ve been eating at a few “smoke houses”, we were really craving something quite similar, and we were recommended to All Beef Catering & Eatery for BBQ style beef. They use “AAA” Alberta beef and they magically transform it into perfection! This little hidden gem is in the Industrial area in Calgary’s southeast corner at the intersection of 52nd Street and 64th Avenue. It is on the west side, so I find it best to go East on 61st Street and then South (right hand turn) onto 52nd Street – making a simple right hand turn into their parking lot.

All Beef Catering & Eatery

We ordered 2 sandwiches, both for $9.95 + taxes and we split them. The first one we ordered was the BBQ Beef on a Kaiser Thinly sliced beef simmered in Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce, served on a kaiser with creamy coleslaw and baked beans. The beans was sweet and tasty, while the coleslaw was crisp and not over dressed, but creamy. These sides were just as delicious as the main event, the BBQ Beef on a Kaiser! The BBQ beef was extremely tender and juicy, and covered in their BBQ Sauce, which surprisingly wasn’t over powering at all! It was messy and the bottom piece of the kaiser bun was drenched and over saturated in BBQ sauce, but it made for a delicious sandwich altogether.

All Beef Eatery - BBQ Beef on a Kaiser

Whenever possible, I try to not turn down an opportunity to try a Philly cheese steak sandwich, so I decided to order and try their Philly! It wasn’t nearly as messy, and it was made of the typical thinly sliced beef, onions, mild peppers, melted cheese on a kaiser with creamy coleslaw on the side. I think the meat that they choose for this sandwich was a little too dry, but probably perfect for the beef dip as it’ll have some sort of gravy. Besides it being a tad on the dry side, it was super tender and quite a tasty Philly. The mountain of beef slices they use make quite a filling lunch, and probably a great dinner.

All Beef Eatery - Philly

As much as I would love to be back for a fresh sandwich for dinner, All Beef Catering & Eatery isn’t opened for dinner. They are only opened to cater to the businesses in the Industrial Area, so they are opened weekdays from 11:30AM to 2:00PM Monday through Friday, except for holidays when they are closed.

All Beef Eatery

This is a great place to get a big lunch – and it’s worth it! The really do fill the sandwiches jammed pack with meat and I think it was a great discovery! I will be back if I’m in the area at the right time!

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All Beef Catering & Eatery

10-5200 64 Ave SE Map
Calgary, AB T2C
(403) 291-2513

JoJo’s BBQ – Calgary Food Truck

After watching a lot of Food Network Canada and the new series called Eat St. I’ve been craving food from a food truck! To my excitement, there was one in Calgary that was up and running – and it was the glorious JoJo’s BBQ.

We were there right when they opened, and I could smell their smokiness already from the parking lot closer to Barbeques Galore! I got really excited!

We ordered a Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich and it was really something special! The meat was tender and juicy! We did add extra barbeque sauce into this sandwich and it was really good!! I think it needed more salt or something – otherwise, not bad at all!

We also ordered the Smoked Sliced Brisket Sandwich and that was a sandwich with lots of slices of brisket! The brisket was really tender and smoky! I didn’t add extra barbeque sauce to this sandwich, but none-the-less, still an awesome lunch!

This is a food truck that is worth trying! 🙂 I really enjoyed the experience, and I’m so excited to see it’s a new growing trend!!

JoJo’s BBQ

3505 Edmonton Trail N.E.
Calgary, AB
(587) 896-7827