Home Restaurant – Salmon Arm, British Columbia

We were traveling home from Vancouver this one day and we figured we should stop halfway and grab some lunch. We stopped in Salmon Arm and basically drove to whatever was opened as it was a late Sunday afternoon. We stumbled into Home Restaurant which turns out to be a small chain in BC!

Once we sat down as there was a little bit of wait, they told us the soup of the day was their Seafood Chowder and coming from a place where I had lots of seafood, it was what I wanted! I ordered a bowl of their seafood chowder and although it wasn’t the heartiest, it was really filling and it hit the spot. I really enjoyed the flavours and texture of this chowder.

For the actual meal, I couldn’t get my mind away from having their Fish and Chips and this amazing classic specialty comes with 2 pieces of their fried fish with a mountain of fries and coleslaw! You really get a large meal for the small price! It was amazing as the fish was fresh and fried to perfection! Tender and juicy fish with a really light and crispy coating!

The last thing we ordered really didn’t go with my “seafood” theme, but it’s alright – it was pretty awesome anyway! We had their Schnitzel Champignon which was pork schnitzel with mushrooms and it is one of my husbands all time favorite schnitzel! This mushroom topping was made from fresh mushrooms and a gravy on top, with a side of mashed potatoes and more gravy! It was really amazing and the gravy made the vegetables seem extra amazing!

Overall, we left here feeling so full and satisfied we felt like that was the perfect meal to end our road trip! Sometimes just randomly stopping into places you find hidden gems and we lucked out here!

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Home Restaurant Salmon Arm

2801 – 10th Avenue N.E.
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 2S3
Tel (250) 832 9991

Fisherman Direct Seafood – Salmon Arm, BC

We were recently in BC to watch the Salmon Run around Salmon Arm, when we came across Fisherman Direct Seafood and decided to stop in as we saw some billboards for this place for fish and chips. We wanted to eat seafood so it seemed like the perfect match.

We started with their Calamari which was wonderful! It set the bar high for our expectations as it was lightly battered, tender and fresh. The calamari tasted great we barely touched their tartar sauce and we needed nothing.

I decided to go for their Halibut Burger and I got the seafood chowder as a side instead of more fried food. The halibut burger was so delicious, it was sweet, light, and perfectly fried. The burger didn’t have much besides lettuce and tartar sauce – and it was perfect. The seafood chowder was a bit salty but tons of flavour, tons of seafood and quite hearty.

My husband ordered a Once Piece Cod and Chips and you get 2 sides. He got yam fries and onion rings – mostly because those are my favourites. We really enjoyed the cod, again, it was quite light, portions were large, lightly battered – crispy outside and wonderful on the inside.

We really enjoyed our experience here. Everything seemed to be so fresh and made to order. We even bought some candied salmon on our way out and got a recipe card for their seafood chowder. I can’t wait to try it!

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Fisherman Direct Seafood – Salmon Arm

2401 Trans Canada Hwy SW
Salmon Arm, BC
(250) 833-0950

Best Western Sicamous Inn – Sicamous, British Columbia

We recently went for a drive to British Columbia and stayed overnight at the Best Western Inn in Sicamous, BC – which isn’t far from Salmon Arm. The hotel is quite nice, it does have the exterior hallways, which does give it a bit of motel feel to it, but the rooms are quite spacious and lovely.

The room was really big and spacious, with 2 beds there was still a lot of room for moving around and stuff. The room has a mini fridge and microwave which makes it convenient for long term stays as well.

The bathroom was neat, the sink is outside of the actual bathroom – with a large counter area. Behind the door would be the actual toilet and tub/shower.

The overall stay was very enjoyable. We did have to kill a few mosquitoes and flies in the room, but it wasn’t the end of the world. Everything was really clean and that’s very important. The hotel even offers complimentary breakfast and wifi internet access which was nice.

Below is a video clip of the room we stayed in.

Best Western Sicamous Inn

806 Trans Canada Highway East
Sicamous, BC