Bumpers Beef House – Banff, Alberta

Bumpers Beef House is tucked away near the highway as you enter into Banff National Park – and it’s tucked away inside Bumpers Inn, by the gas station. We use to go here a lot for beef, as they always made it quite perfect for us! We’re not too interested in the unlimited salad bar, but we do take a few veggies and a dinner roll.

I ordered the ladies cut of prime rib, and it was large! I could barely finish it, but I stuffed myself and left extremely satisfied before we left Banff and headed back home. I blame the unlimited salad bar that stuffed me a little over the edge!

We also tried the 10oz Spencer Steak, and that was really good. Not only did they get perfect grill marks on the steak, it was cooked to perfection!

Bumpers Beef House

603 Banff Avenue
Banff, AB