Cafè Bellagio – Las Vegas

We were staying at the Bellagio and we had to run downstairs for a quick dinner, as we had a show to catch. We found Cafe Bellagio and thought it would be great as it’s a cafe, and it’s opened 24 hours!

We sat down and was welcomed with our menus. We wanted to eat lots as it was a show and figured we’d stuff ourselves. So, we ordered a soup each – where I ordered the Chefs Soup of the Day which was a cream of mushroom soup. It was a decent cream soup and it was nice and thick with lots of flavour to it!

For the soups, we also ordered a French Onion Soup which the top was made to perfection with their melting of cheese! Such a simple soup, so we were expecting nothing but perfection! Here with the soup, they definitely delivered!

My main course was their Grilled Atlantic Salmon which I absolutely loved! It was a good sized piece of grilled salmon with some broccolini, persimmon and papaya salsa. It was a light and tasty dinner even though it was a little over cooked – it came out a little dry. The salsa was delicious and added sweetness and moisture, so it worked out great!

The other main course that we ordered was their Harissa Lamb Chop which was tender, juicy and delicous! It had 3 good sized pieces of lamb chops on a bed of lentils with swiss chard.

Overall, it was a decent enough big meal! The prices was actually really fair, considering the location and the food wasn’t bad at all! We were definitely stuffed leaving Cafe Bellagio!

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Cafè Bellagio

3600 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 693-7111

Bellagio Tower Resort King

I’ve waited for a lot of years to stay at the luxiourious Bellagio Las Vegas, and we finally decided to stay there – just for 1 night (which I thought was a million times better than none!) We were greeted by friendly staff at the front desk to check us in, and as always, Bellagio was beautifully decorated and this time, it was for the festive holiday season!

When I first got to the room, I was greeted by the grand, and rather spacious foyer area that linked the door, to the room, to the bathroom. Tiled and light, it felt like I was transported to somewhere special – and expensive!

Bellagio Room Foyer

Just off the foyer was the grand bathroom, and I say grand because it’s huge! There’s only 1 bathroom in this suite, but definitely enough counter space and just space in general to spare! Once you turn to the bathroom, you’re greeted by 2 sinks with beautifully tiled marble floors. You can definitely take a while to absorb the beauty of this bathroom!

On the bathroom counter tops are lots of amenities and the scent of the products used are quite fragrant, yet light! It’s the perfect blend that they use, and their products actually feel really nice as well!

Bellagio Las Vegas Bathroom Amenities

My favourite part of this room is the large soaker tub, which is off to one side. It’s large, spacious and just a great way to wind down, or sooth tired achy feet from all the walking!

Last but not least in the bathroom would be the spacious stand up shower with glass walls, making it quite the experience for a shower! The seals were actually really good as no water was let out during the usage. There’s even a little ledge for you to use, but I must say – it’s pretty cold if you want to sit on it!

Now, moving on to the actual room, once you’re in the area, there’s a beautiful counter with a mini bar/fridge, completely stocked up for your convenience! I must say, the products are extremely expensive, as conveniences comes with a heavy price tag! Regardless, I didn’t indulge in anything like that as I didn’t spend too much time in the room.

The king bed was really plush and luxurious. It was very comfortable, and it was firm enough! A fabulous room and stay overall! The room was comfortable for bed, but be warn, crazy alarms do go off in the middle of the night and it’s loud! We timed the alarm, and it went off for 2 minutes before telling us “the cause of the alarm has been identified, and not an emergency” In the event it was, we lost at least 2 minuted to evacuate the building.

As we only stayed here for one night, the next morning, we packed up and made our way to Vdara, where there was a nice walkway to that resort, and I didn’t know it was there! Be aware there are 2 towers at the Bellagio, and they are not connected, but they can tell where you need to be by looking at the design of your key! Watch the walk-through of the room, and be prepared to be blown away!

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Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie Bellagio

From last time I went to Vegas, I discovered Jean Philippe Patisserie, and I knew I had to go back. I went back everyday this time, and I don’t regret the extra sugar at all! It’s a wonderful place to go to get delicious baked goods and sweets! This time, I even went to the Jean Philippe at Bellagio, where there is the tallest chocolate fountain, and it was amazing!

Jean Philippe - Chocolate Fountain

After reading some reviews when I got home last time, someone told me that the Jean Philippe Crepes was a must try item, so I had to try it this time. It was a fun experience as they make it in front of you after you order. I ordered a Dulce de Leche Crepe which was a crepe with dulce de Leche caramel sauce, and then topped with chocolate shavings and whipped cream! I didn’t eat it there, I brought it back to my hotel room to enjoy, so it fell apart a little by the time I got it back. But, it tasted wonderful!

Jean Philippe - Crepe making

The crepe for the most part was in good condition, all except the whipped cream that started to slide off and was half melted as the crepes was hot when I got it. It was good that it was quite cool outside in Vegas so it didn’t do any further damage.

Jean Philippe

Once I got my fork through the crepe, I knew I was going to love this dessert! The texture of the crepe was warm, soft and chewy with a very subtle sweetness to the crepe itself. I’ve had crepes where it was hard and just not very pleasant, but this one alone was decadent! The batter was perfection and with the Dulce de Leche Caramel Sauce inside, it was really good!

Jean Philippe

I believe if I ate this on location, the warm caramel sauce would have oozed out a bit and made it even more wonderful – but this is a good excuse to go back next time! 🙂 From this Bellagio location, I bought also a Cinnamon Bun and saved it for breakfast the next morning. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it as I love cinnamon buns.

Jean Philippe - Cinnamon Bun

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Jean-Philippe Pâtisserie

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas
(702) 693-8788