Vendome Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

I got to go out and eat breakfast one morning at a local restaurant in Kensington at Vendome Cafe and I loved it. The service is exceptional here and the food is divine, made with real and fresh ingredients.

I started my breakfast with a cup of Hot Chocolate that tasted absolutely amazing!

I ordered a half order of Mushroom Eggs Benedict and the mushrooms were amazing! This has got to be one of my favourite eggs bennys as it tasted like what it’s suppose to! The picture really doesn’t do its justice but it tasted amazing!

With the eggs benedict, I had their soup du jour which was a Barley Soup and it was very savoury and flavourful! It was a very hearty soup and it was warming for a chilly morning!

My overall experience here was super! The atmosphere, the food, the service and the community really puts this place on the map! What a great find!

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Vendome Cafe

940 2nd Ave. NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 453-1140

Eat! Eat! in Inglewood – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve passed Eat! Eat! in Inglewood many times, and I’m glad we finally got to stop in and try this place in May 2013. It looks like a month later after the Alberta Floods, it never actually reopened it’s doors. It’s actually really sad. The location was great, right on 9th Ave SE and it was spacious inside with amazing food! I’m hoping it’s just a temporary close, but I’m not sure what’s going on.

I ordered their Hot Chocolate for my morning drink, and it was a large cup with tons of whipped cream! Just in case I don’t get a sugar high! 🙂 It was tasty though!

This particular morning, I actually ate breakfast – so this was a second breakfast. It was nice they had the option of “half orders”! I’m sure if I ordered a full order, I would’ve inhaled the entire thing as well! But, I got their half order of Eggs Benedict with the egg done medium. Not sure why I did that, as I love the runny, creamy egg… but, it wasn’t dry or gross!! Everything was decent and they weren’t skimpy on the portion of their potatoes (home fries)!

My hubby ordered their Steak & Eggs for breakfast which was a 7oz New York Steak with 2 eggs! Clearly, he didn’t wake up early enough to eat the first breakfast with me! 🙂 The steak was quite unforgettable, tender and seasoned well! Not a bad start to a weekend morning!

We really enjoyed ourselves here! As you can tell, I love breakfasts and I wasn’t disappointed at all from coming here. I silently hope it will re-open so I can visit it again!

Eat! Eat! in Inglewood on Urbanspoon

Eat! Eat! in Inglewood

1325 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-1933

Bumpy’s Cafe – Calgary

I’m not sure why or even how I even ended up at Bumpy’s Cafe but it’s like it’s hidden gem! Parking wasn’t too bad as we arrived early on a Sunday morning so there was street parking! It’s not too hard to find as there are 2 entrances to the cafe.

Once we got inside, it’s a cute little place with lots of people coming and going – and a lot less customers sitting down and enjoying their morning. We sat down as it was going to be a slow paced Sunday for me.

I ordered to start, a cup of Hot Chocolate and it comes in a large cup – which I loved! It’s really creamy but it doesn’t feel thick and heavy. Plus, it’s not overly sweet, so it was just right for me!

We also figured they’d do latte art, so we also ordered a latte, and we were right – there was beautiful latte art!!

When I use to work at the hotel, one of my favourite breakfasts was their Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Bacon so, that’s what I decided to order from here.

We also ordered their Ham and Cheese Quiche which was in a pretty big slice, melty and ooey gooey making the cheese and egg really delicious!

Overall, the drinks were really delicious and the food wasn’t bad either. It’s simple foods and a tad greasy – but it tasted really good! I eat anywhere that offers good food and this place is no exception! If I was in the area again for breakfast, I’m sure I will be back!

Bumpy’s Cafe

1004 8 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-0244

Blue Vinny Diner – Stephen Avenue Calgary

Nothing beats a breakfast on the weekend, diner style! We found ourselves at Blue Vinny Diner one weekend morning, and we walked in and thought the place must be new, as the waitress was running around like mad, they ran out of tons of things on the menu, and it almost appeared they didn’t know the menus yet. I guess they’ve been opened for a bit, but it just didn’t feel like it! This restaurant is located right on Stephens Avenue, so foot traffic is at an ideal place.

Once we got seated and what not, we ordered some tea, and we were ready to order. I ordered their Perogy Bowl which was exactly as it sounded, a bowl of perogies with bacon and sour cream. They had quite a few pieces in the bowl and the toppings didn’t overwhelm the perogies either. I enjoyed my perogies and I ate the entire thing! The bacon was nice and smoked and it was perfect, tasty and crunchy!

The other item we ordered from the menu was the Vinny’s Breakfast which was 6oz of Rib Eye steak, 2 sunny side eggs with hashbrown and toast! This was a big and filling breakfast, and best of all, it was super tasty!

We really enjoyed the modern diner experience here! The people were friendly and the food was tasty! So, there’s no complaints from me here!

Blue Vinny Diner on Urbanspoon

Blue Vinny Diner

105 – 8th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 263-3880

Blondes Diner – Calgary 4th Street

The most wonderful meal for me is breakfast – and my favourite place to enjoy breakfasts are at diners. I love them, old style, new style or even no style! I first heard about Blondes Diner from watching TV actually… on Top Chef Canada, they have a chef that’s a contestant on the show. Right away, I knew I had to try this diner! The location of this diner is right on 4th street and I believe it use to be a Greek restaurant at this location. It’s easy to find and quite spacious inside. Parking is a little trickier, but that’s the area!

We went in on a Sunday, relatively late in the afternoon – for sure past noon. There was still a line up for a table which is a good sign! The service was casual, but it wasn’t slow! By the time we got to our table, our waitress came right away. It was a awful weather outside, so I decided to have a nice cup of Hot Chocolate which I enjoyed thoroughly! I wish it was a tad bigger because I was almost done my hot chocolate by the time my lunch got to the table. Well, maybe I was just enjoying it too much! 🙂

Looking around the restaurant, it was really clean and modern. There were seats with plastic chairs and some cozy chairs! I was fortunate enough to sit by the window in the cozy chairs! It was a really relaxing experience at Blondes, and that’s something I love!

I love coconut, and so when I saw it on the menu, I knew I had to try their Crispy Crepe which the menu describes it as coconut frangipane, seasonal compote, whipped creme fraiche! It turns out as a delicious thin crepe with shredded coconut filling inside, and topped with pineapple compote! Wow, this was such a delight to have and something I wouldn’t mind having again and again!

We didn’t know what else to order, and thankfully they had a delicious sounding featured breakfast! This breakfast was a hot beef sandwich with a side of chickpea salad. The hot beef was full of flavour and it sat on a nice thick toast with tons of gravy on top. The chickpea salad was so refreshing and would be an awesome side for a summers night!

Overall, we had a great time here! It was fun and exiting and a nice modern take on a diner and more upscale. With that said, it’s just a nice breakfast/brunch/lunch place instead of a diner! But, worth it was worth the visit!

Blondes Diner on Urbanspoon

Blondes Diner

2005 B 4th St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 474-3867