3Q Teahouse – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to grab a snack/light dinner one evening and saw a new place called 3Q Teahouse which was recommended by some friends. They told us the owner was actually Taiwanese, so the drinks should be good. There was parking available as the time frame when we went, all the other businesses were closed, or not many opened – which makes it easier!

We ordered our drinks, and I had their Traditional Milk Tea with nothing in it. It wasn’t bad, it was quite decent. It’s not really much different from the milk tea that I’m use to, but neither good or bad is good!

My husband on the other hand ordered Jasmine Green Milk Tea with grass jelly in it. It’s his usual go to drink, so we’ve had it done before and he loves it. Here, I’m not sure what they did, but the drink became thick and slimy. It wasn’t a texture that we like or want to associate it with milk tea. Because of the texture, we couldn’t really decide if we enjoyed the flavours or not.

We ordered some Signauture Popcorn Chicken as one of our favourite snacks is popcorn chicken… it was really good here!

Something kind of different that we ordered was their Fried little buns with Condensed Milk and that was quite a delicious treat. I love condensed milk with regular buns, so with it being little and fried, I was able to eat tons of condensed milk with these buns! I kind of wished they give you an extra dish of condensed milk on the side as they just do a drizzle on the top of the buns. It was good regardless!

As it was our dinner, we ordered some of their rice boxes and we picked Taiwanese 3 Cup Style Chicken which is just chicken with ginger and garlic cooked with rice wine and soy sauce. It’s actually really simple, cheap and delicious!! So, that in mind, you can’t really goof it up! This rice box was pretty awesome!

We also had another rice box combo and this one was the Curry Chicken style one and this one wasn’t as flavourful as you would expect, but nothing wrong with it. They could either cook it a bit longer, or add more flavours to it. But, it was also tasty!

Overall, the food was decent, and most of the drinks was alright. The odd place about here was they have no idea what little bowls for sharing was… we had to ask a few times and they ended up giving us funny little plates. But, regardless, it was a fun night!

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3Q Teahouse

323 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 287-8228

Dream Tea House – Edmonton, Alberta

We did a lot of road trips this summer and this particular one, we stopped by the University area in Edmonton for some “Bubble Tea” at a place called Dream Tea House. The location of this tea house is quite idea as it’s right on 104th Street! It was easy to find parking and to find in general. There are tons of people here for both dine in and take out!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures while I was in here, but my husband and I each got a drink. He ordered his favourite, Jasmine Milky Tea with pearls. I ordered either the Lychee Bubble Tea or Pineapple Bubble Tea, as those are my go-to drinks… but I just can’t remember what I picked here! LOL! I know my drink didn’t have pearls, as I don’t like them. I tend to choke on them…

This was an after dinner snack, so we only ordered some Salt and Pepper Wings which was pretty good! It had tons of pepper and it was fried perfectly! Super crispy skin and juicy meat!

I like this place for the drinks, I think the wings weren’t worth it, but at the same time, I just finished dinner before heading over here! So, I may have just been too full! The 6 wings were $4.99, which wasn’t the end of the world. I think next time I’m in this area, I’ll space out my meals a bit better, so it’s not so skewed of a review…

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Dream Tea House

7912 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 988-7878

Subs ‘N’ Bubbles Food Truck – Calgary, AB

I was just roaming around Sunfest when I headed down a side street towards all the food trucks. This food truck caught my attention as I love Vietnamese Submarines – so I got an order from Subs ‘N’ Bubbles which smelled the best too (in my opinion!) This food truck was well decorated so I’m sure if I spot it again, I’ll be eating from it!

I ordered a nice bubble tea as it was a hot day with a gentle breeze! I tried their Mango Coconut Bubble tea with Lychee Jelly which at first tasted a bit like bubblegum and mango! I didn’t get much coconut taste, but I did enjoy this drink. I’m not a huge fan of pearls, so the option to have lychee jelly was awesome!

For the sub, I guess I ordered one of their most popular… their Korean Pork Bulgogi Subs which is a neat fusion! I love the flavours of the meat, it was jammed packed with deliciousness! There was enough sauce to make the bun moist but not drench the entire thing to make it soggy or even fall apart! It was just perfect! We added the cheese and it is the way I will have it again!

I thoroughly enjoyed eating from this food truck! It smelled great, it tasted great, the service was quite quick, but the prices are a tad high for street food. It held the price tag of the same food, but for a dine-in place. The nice thing was, it was full size and like I’ve mentioned numerous times — it tasted great! I think I will have to try their Butter Chicken sub next as that would be a great fusion as well!

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Subs n Bubbles Food Truck