Zip’s Drive In – Spokane Valley, Washington

It’s not a strange thing for us to pull over and eat something amazing, and this time we stopped at Zip’s, which is a local drive-in chain offering delicious and massive burgers!

We weren’t here for a long time, but I opted for a pretty big and AMAZING burger, with my favourite, a Strawberry Milkshake that was rich and thick and creamy – just the way I know them to be. My burger was Belly Buster Burger, with bacon, ham, beef patty and some veg. It was amazing and very filling!!

Overall, it was a very retro space, and the place felt greasy. I felt greasy after the food, but I ate it all and pretty much passed out when we got to the hotel to call it a night!


6525 E Broadway Ave,
Spokane Valley, WA

Wendy’s Macleod Trail South – Calgary, Alberta

A random day before we were goign to meet up with some friends I figured I was hungry and it will be awhile before we eat again, so we decided to pre-eat dinner and grab a burger! While driving closer towards where we were going to meet up, we saw Wendy’s and decided to take a quick detour.

This Wendy’s is quite new looking as though they recently did some renovations – from the inside and outside. Wendy’s was having their annual Cod Fillet Sandwich promotion on again, so we took their North Pacific Cod Meal to share!

The meal was really good and the fish burger was fantastic! It was flaky, tender, and quite delicious! Not too much condiments which helps bring out the fish in the burger instead of masking it! The burger was topped with dill tartar sauce and crunchy dill pickles. The light panko batter was light and crispy. All on a warm buttered bun. It was amazing!

Overall, this was quite a wonderful stop! We really thought the parking lot was a little weird, but everything else here was quite amazing. I did find it a tad strange there was a slice of cheese on it – and I’m not sure if it was suppose to be there… but it was ok.

Wendy's on Urbanspoon


7109 Macleod Trial South
Calgary, AB
(403) 253-5333

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (McKenzie Towne) – Calgary, Alberta

We came home one evening looking for a good burger place and drove by Five Guys Burger and Fries off 130th Ave SE in McKenzie Towne. The place was packed for an odd time of evening to drop in, so it was a good sign.

Once inside, the line up was long and they had boxes of peanuts where you can eat and take! It’s a pretty good idea as the food did come out rather slowly – but they’re actually making it for you when you order! We had their Cheeseburger and it turns out to be a double patty – large burger and messy! It was quite delicious and greasy!

I also felt like ordering some fries, so we settled on a small Cajan Fries which was seasoned with probably cajan seasoning. It wasn’t bad and they gave lots of fries! They even poured an extra scooop of fries on the top of the bag when our order was ready! It was hot and awesome!

Overall, our experience here was actually surprisingly better than expected! We’ve tried other Five Guys locations and I think this one a better!

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

305-5155 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-0887

Harveys (Brentwood) – Calgary, Alberta

We use to go to Harveys at least once a year – the beginning of every school semester and now it’s been awhile. We were talking about Harveys with some close friends who still eat here regularly so we decided to come back as a walk down memory lane.

We weren’t hungry at all, so we decided we’d get one meal to split as this was just for fun – not actually a meal for us. We decided to try their promotion that they have going on right now which is there Stuffed Cheeseburger which was a 6oz burger stuffed with cheese! It was really everything you’d imagine it to be – but it was fantastic!

We also go an order of their Fried Pickles which seemed rather expensive, but they were done really nice and fresh to order as we waiting around for awhile for it! It was crispy, sour and awesome!

The meal was really quite good and it’s nice to know that over the years, the quality hasn’t changed – although the service could have been better. It was rather painful service, but I’m hoping it’s just a one time thing! The burger topppings wasn’t too fresh, but it wasn’t nasty – so it was totally bearable!

Harvey's on Urbanspoon


3630 Brentwood Rd NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 282-2230

BLT Burger – Mirage Las Vegas

We arrived into Las Vegas early for one of our trips and we tried to check-in, however, the room they wanted to give to us wasn’t ready, so we decided to grab a quick bite in the hotel. We wandered for a short time before we found BLT Burger where we sat down for lunch.

It’s a cozy and intimate environment, yet casual. It’s a nice place, and the prices are quite reasonable considering we were eating at a famous resort on the Las Vegas strip. However, a cup of coffee seems way to marked up as there was a Starbucks across the way. A cup of coffee was $4, so I would suggest you leave your coffee craving until after you eat! I ordered the BLT Burger as it’s the name of the place – so my expectations was huge!

My burger was huge and delicious, it was a 7oz. Grilled CAB*, Double Smoked Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and BLT Burger Sauce. I have never tasted a piece of bacon the way the BLT Burger bacon was! It was like a smoked jerky, but it was tender and still juicy! I’m not sure how to explain it, but it was very memorable. I added a piece of cheese onto my BLT, which was the Pepper Jack cheese, and it really elevated the burger to a new level!

The other burger we ordered was the Lamb Tandoori burger and I have no words to describe this delicious contraction! It definitely tasted like lamb, and it was juicy and delicious, with a nice kick. It’s a messy burger, but the best burgers are messy!

Overall, it was a great dining experience, and there were no regrets walking into this restaurant! The service was good, the food was good, and the prices are still considered reasonable, even though a tad on the high side for what it is.

BLT Burger on Urbanspoon

BLT Burger – Mirage

3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 792-7888