Chachi’s – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve seen Chaichi’s Sandwich Bar a few times now, before I actually got a chance to go in. I always see it when I’m at Tim Hortons, but by then — I’ve already got some delicious food in my hand. However, I finally made it over to Chachi’s for a birthday lunch, and it was okay. It’s actually nothing special… and for the amount you pay, I may as well go over to the grocery store and order a deli sandwich.

The sandwich itself wasn’t bad, but I must say it’s nothing special. I ordered a Chicken & Havarti sandwich, and that only had one size option, long – which was fine for me. It was jammed packed with chicken breast, havarti cheese, basil pesto, Dijon, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes on Italian bread.

We also had the New York Style Smoked Meat Sandwich, and that was alright as well. It was much softer, and basically consisted only of smoked meat, and mustard also on Italian bread.


#35 South Trail Crossing
4307 – 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB (403) 457-5397