Chaya – Banff, Alberta

If you’re looking for the best Japanese place to eat in Banff, look no further. Chaya is owned an operated by Japanese owners, so you definitely know the food is authentic. I love going to Chaya as they have great udon noodles! I normally order a chicken udon, as that is my ultimate favourite dish from Chaya! It is really infused with great flavours in both the chicken and the stock they use for the soup!

The location is quite small, so I recommend going right when they open (at 11am) or right after the lunch rush! It’s quite often they would have Japanese tours going in there for a quick bite!

They offer a huge variety of Japanese cuisine, and besides udon, we really like the soba and the rice don. This location is tucked and hidden beside McDonalds right on Main Street and is often missed. But, keep your eye open for Chaya and enjoy their food! Their dishes are slightly on the expensive side, but it’s well worth it!


118 Banff av
Banff, AB
(403) 760-0882