Golden National Family Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

I was really excited to see a new Chinese Restaurant pop up and it’s called Golden National which is a restaurant family owned and operated that began in High River. As we all know, I love small town Chinese/Western restaurants so I was really excited to come here and try it out – in the city!

We started with some Fried Chicken Wings which was really awesome! Although it seemed a little strange that both the middle piece and the drum was still attached together, it was really tasty! It was battered the perfect amount, fried nicely in clean oil to a perfect crisp, yet still juicy inside and then seasoned just enough for it to taste great but still have chicken flavour! My husband loved this and pretty much ate the entire dish.

We then ordered some Wor Wontons as it’s been a new trend that I do… I order it and see how much I like it. This one, I really loved. The soup was flavourful, the wontons was large and full of flavour. It was a generous portion and nothing to complain about.

Then, we ordered their Shanghai Noodle with Chicken, B.B.Q Pork, Shrimp and Szechuan Sauce which was a unique type of Shanghai noodles as those don’t normally have shrimp and it’s not normally spicy. This plate was delicious and no matter how spicy it got, we just kept eating it. It was addicting so we left absolutely stuffed and really satisfied.

Overall, the prices are really fair here with nice portion sizes and great food quality. Cleanliness and quality is important to them and I see great success if they keep it up! A special note, we ordered tea and they actually use really nice tea leaves – so fragrant and wonderful. The tea does cost $2/person which seems high, but it’s really nice tea. We’ll be returning and recommending this place to family and friends!

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Golden National Family Restaurant

3 High Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 257-9777