Loko’s Lounge – Bragg Creek, Alberta

We had an opportunity to try LoKo’s Lounge in Bragg Creek before the 2013 Flood. I waited to do this post hoping that it would survive the flood, but unfortunately it is one of those restaurants that didn’t make it. Hopefully with the support it seems to be receiving it will decide to reopen its doors.

It was a beautiful afternoon, pretty much weeks before the flood that we enjoyed this lounge outside on the patio. The river water levels were high, but didn’t think much of it as we started the food adventure with some Chicken Wings which they give you a pound of wings! We got them in Sweet Spicy Thai and they were amazing! The perfect wings, beautifully seasoned and fried with a crisp, even with sauce smothered on top!

We also had some soup – we ordered a bowl of their Joey’s Only Clam Chowder as this location was attached to Joey’s Only and I love seafood! The soup was so good – hot, creamy, full of clams and potatoes!

I was going to enjoy their Crispy Cajun Halibut Burger which to my shock was amazing! It was seasoned well again, and fried really nicely with a large and delicate piece of halibut! It was simple and it was all it needed!

Then, we ordered their Chicken Parmigiana Dinner which was a large meal as this was suppose to be lunch! The sauce was a little watered down, but still amazing! The piece of chicken was very generous!

Overall, we have an amazing time here! The service was friendly, the atmosphere was amazing and the food was perfect! The place is simple but so awesome.

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Loko’s Lounge

404 7 Balsam Ave
Bragg Creek, AB
(403) 949-3336