Cochrane Cafe – Cochrane, Alberta

We love travelling through Alberta and this time we were looking for a quick breakfast and we stopped in Cochrane – at Cochrane Cafe! This is a Chinese/Western restaurant which was a place we decided to do Western instead of Chinese! The location is pretty much on their main street with parking spots outside.

It was a brisk morning, so I decided I would have standard Hot Tea out of tea bags. They don’t have the tea from a Chinese restaurant or anything – but that as fine! It’s what makes them Western!

I was feeling like having pancakes, so I got an order of their Hot Cakes and it came out on a plate a perfectly stacked stack of pancakes! I was delighted! The pancakes were light and fluffy and they weren’t burnt or anything! They were amazing!

I then figured I’m never full without some sort of meat – so I upgraded my hot cakes to include sausages. These Sausages came on a separate plate on the side which was perfect, so it wouldn’t be swimming in my maple syrup!

My husband ordered their Steak & Eggs which was really neat! They claim it’s a 6oz (precooked) portion of steak and their hashbrowns were actually hashbrowns! The meat was cooked well and although a little tough, it was well seasoned and still delicous.

Our experience here was pretty good! The food was delicious and the prices was average. The place was clean and it’s a neat place to stop in if you’re in Cochrane!

Cochrane Cafe on Urbanspoon

Cochrane Cafe

316 1st St E
Cochrane, AB
(403) 932-2521

Cochrane Palace Restaurant – Cochrane, Alberta

There’s something satisfying about small time Chinese/Western buffets which I know it as smorgs as we use to have a family restaurant in Medicine Hat. Now, as it’s not available to me, I find myself craving it, so we’re been driving around Alberta small towns looking for smorgs where we found one in Cochrane called Cochrane Palace near their downtown. Tons of parking and the space is large!

Once we were inside, we were seated for buffet and basically they release you to the buffet! There are tons of options at this buffet and their food was simple – which is how it’s suppose to be!

We had a few plates of food, tried their wonton soups and we left satisfied. The dim sum didn’t have a lot, but it’s something unique here as dim sum’s are not normally in Chinese/Western buffets!

We enjoyed the selection of food here as they offered some roast, some dim sum, and their fried foods was really well fried! I did find the food to be a little on the bland side, but a dallop of hot sauce can go a long way!

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Cochrane Palace Restaurant
22 Westside Drive
Cochrane AB Canada

MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream

I actually can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this little ice cream shop in Cochrane! It’s a place where I go once every few years as it’s a little out of the way – but I love! I recently was going through Cochrane, so we knew we would have to make a stop here at MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream. It’s located right in their old town on 1st Street, and it’s not really too hard to find, as there aren’t that many streets around! 🙂

This little ice cream store is always packed with customers, even in the winter – which really shows how amazing they truly are! There is a huge selection of flavours and you basically walk up to the counter and tell them what you want. They will then tally it up on a sheet, and you will use that sheet to pay with. While in line to pay, they prepare your order for you. It’s quite organized actually!

On this particular visit, I enjoyed their Chocolate Fudge Chunk in Waffle Cone which was truly a delight! A perfect treat any weekend!

Needless to say, I will be back, as it’s not my first time returning already! Sure, it’s not often, but I do make the effort when I’m out that way! Time after time, I’ve been impressed and left very satisfied. That’s how I know it’s money well spent!

MacKay's Cochrane Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

MacKay’s Cochrane Ice Cream

220 1st Street W
Cochrane, AB
(403) 932-2455