Vietnam Sub & Grill – Calgary, Alberta

We found Vietnam Sub & Grill by luck when we were driving around Country Hills this one weekend, and saw it from the corner of our eye. It’s in a little corner location a bit tucked away, but it’s not a busy strip mall when we went – in fact, it was a Saturday afternoon and we were the only ones in there.

Without much expectation, we decided to order their Lemon Grass Beef Salad Rolls which actually wasn’t bad. We’ve had worse, and the rice paper was prepared nicely such that it wasn’t ripping or hard. The beef was quite flavourful, and the dipping sauce was good too. So, we were off to a good start, even though there wasn’t “lemongrass” flavour, it was still quite fragrant and had taste to it!

I ordered their Vietnamese sub, and their Satay Chicken Sub to be exact. It was pretty standard looking, but the bun was really nice and the satay chicken was quite tasty. THere wasn’t much filling in it, and that’s a little bit of a bummer. Their Baguette was really good and you can tell that was a fresh bun, so I give them credit for that!

Then, we had to try a noodle soup and ordered their Satay Rare Beef Rice Noodle Soup and the nice thing about this soup was it had tons of flavour and salt. We didn’t have to add anything to it. It wasn’t just a spicy bowl of soup or anything, so it was quite decent!

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised as we didn’t have any expectations for this little place with no one in there. We did get quite thirsty from the salt afterwards, but that’s an us issue. Tons of parking, clean facilities and restaurant… and there was window seating as well as booth.

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Vietnam Sub & Grill

10 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, AB T3K 5P4
(403) 262-8819

The Canadian Brewhouse – Calgary, Alberta

We were up north this one weekend for an event. After the event, we thought it would be fun to enjoy some sunshine on a patio somewhere. We ended up at The Canadian Brewhouse in Country Hills. It was a beautiful afternoon, and lots of people were soaking up the sun as we wanted to! Luckily, the parking lots is quite big, even though it shares with many other amenities. You’ll eventually find a spot!

Once I sat down, I actually ordered a girly drink, their Bellini and it was pretty good! The waitress took a long time bringing it out so it was pretty much melted – but if it came right after it was made, I know it would taste amazing!

I was feeling quite festive and “aloha” with the warm beaming sun, so I ordered their Hawaiian Lu Wow pizza, and I know fruits on pizza isn’t for everyone – however, I love pineapples. I like them however they come, so this meal really hit the spot for me.

As it was kind of brunch time, we also ordered their Chicken & Waffles as we were just at an event and wishing the chicken and waffle food truck was there. It wasn’t, so ordering this was the next best thing. It was pretty to look at, and pretty tasty as well!

Overall, we had a fabulous time at the Canadian Brewhouse and we know we will be back! The food was great, atmosphere very good, service was okay, so it was a good time!

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The Canadian Brewhouse

9650 Harvest Hills Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB

Sushi Sushi – Calgary, Alberta

We decided to meet up with some of our friends and they wanted to try Sushi Sushi in Ashton Square in the Northwest Calgary. It’s not a hard place to find as it’s just off Harvest Hills Blvd.

We started with Beef Tataki which was raw beef with a fancy ponzu sauce. It was pretty good here although sliced a little more thick than usual, and not as chilled, but it was decent!

Our first sushi plate came out which was Teriyaki Niku which was a giant roll with teriyaki beef, cream cheese and cucumbers.

Then, our plate of assorted sushi and sashimi came out which was really nicely displayed on their plate. We had salmon sashimi, smoked salmon sashimi, and surf clam sashimi. On the same plate was our California rolls and some spicy tuna rolls which they gave to us.

Finally, our last dish which had my favourite which was Inari (fried bean curd) sushi and the smoked salmon with cream cheese sushi. I did find there was a little too much cream cheese in the Smoked Sake with cheese roll (which is what they called it), it masked the smoked salmon taste which is a taste I love.

Overall experience was decent. It wasn’t the best sushi nor was it bad. The prices were average as was service. The hours, they are opened 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, although they are closed from 2pm to 4:30pm. It’s definitely quick and convenient!

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Sushi Sushi

40 Country Hills Landing NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-3738