Pho Thanh Nga – Calgary, Alberta

We eat a lot of Vietnamese food and somehow we stumbled into Pho Thanh Nga which was perfect. The place was busy but there was still a lot of parking available.

I was starving so we ordered an appetizer and got their Pork Spring Rolls which was pretty tasty! Simple but traditional! The skin was really thin and crispy and it was jammed pack with flavours and pork!

One thing I really like is egg pie, and one of my coworkers Mav made me his version homemade. I’ve never had anything as tasty or wonderful but there isn’t harm trying to find a location that can even come close. All the places he recommended for me isn’t like his homemade, but just finding a place that makes it is amazing. So, I had to order their Grilled pork, egg pie on rice and I was a very happy girl even though it didn’t come close to Mav’s. I can’t even request him to make me more as I fill his day with all sorts of random stuff already.

We also ordered their Satay Beef Noodle Soup as it’s perfect for a chilly day. The soup base was flavourful and there was so much meat and rice noodles! It was delicious!

I quite enjoyed this place. It’s not far from home, but maybe one day I’ll make it my go-to place even though I have a few other places I find myself returning to regularly!

Pho Thanh Nga

356 Cranston Rd SE #6002,
Calgary, AB

Good Earth Cafe

I went to Cranston in Calgary this one afternoon to Good Earth Cafe to try one of their season drinks as I saw an ad for it in the newspaper, I finally went to try it and I was happy I did. The location was really interesting to get to, but I think it’s easier to stay on Cranston Avenue SE and making a right hand turn into the parking lot, instead of going around through the residential area. The actual cafe is really cute and it’s really bright with all the large windows from this corner bay at the strip plaza.

The drink I tried was called Toasted Coconut Chai and it definitely tasted like toasted coconuts. After drinking half of the small, I think I got use to the taste and I didn’t taste the coconut as much. I’m sure it would be better if I ordered food with my drink – so I’ll be sure to do that next time. The chai wasn’t as strong in the spices they used, but you can still tell it’s chai!

The menu at Good Earth Cafe is extensive and the selection of drinks are plenty! I didn’t try anything to eat this time, but I’m sure I will be back as it is a cute cafe – not too far away!

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Good Earth Cafe

356 Cranston Rd SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 294-9330