Burt’s Bee – Richly Replenishing Cocoa & CupuaƧu Butters Body Lotion

Recently, I went to Vancouver which is a city by the ocean. The moment I got off the plane back home – I felt my body crackling and peeling from dryness. With the help of a few products including Burt’s Bee lotion that I bought in Richly Replenishing Body Lotion which is for dry skin.

This rich and creamy lotion has a soft cocoa scent that isn’t all cocoa, but it’s perfect as it’s not so over powering that you’re distracted or disgusted by the scent. The lotion comes in in rather large dollops, but I need lots, so it’s perfect! A few days later of quite a few applications – my skin seems to be doing much better! I can wear dark clothes again without me worrying about leaving skin behind, which we all know it’s not attractive!

This is the first time I’ve tried a Burt’s Bee product and I’m quite impressed with it!