Jump Start – Banff, Alberta

Long time ago, we went for a walk and decided to stop in to Jump Start for a quick bite. We found that the location was perfect for a cafe place like this as many guest could grab something and take out – and enjoy at the park or wherever their travels will take them.

We decided to take a break from the outdoors and went to dine inside. We ordered their Hot Chocolate as it was a breezy day. It tasted fine and it was in a nice mug where we could slow down the pace with. I like drinking my hot drinks out of a mug!

Then, we ordered their Roast Beef Sandwich and we did mention to them we’re eating in. They just took the sandwich from the fridge and placed it on our plate. We thought it was kind of strange they didn’t make it to order or at least ask to heat it up or anything. It looks like there’s a lot of roast beef in the sandwich, but it really only has 3 slices where they folded it. It was rather disappointing and reminded us of something you can grab from the fridge at a convenient store.

Without knowing that is what the did to the sandwiches when we ordered them, we also had their Ham Sandwich where you can actually see there’s only 2 slices of ham, and stuffed with lettuce and tomatoes. This one we didn’t mind cold as the vegetables wouldn’t be as nice if it was warm – but they still only took it out of the fridge. That was the nice thing – the veg was really fresh!

For what we paid, we’re not too satisfied although it was filling and convenient. Unfortunately they didn’t taste like much, but we were here when they first opened. Hopefully they’ve changed their ways – especially if they claim they’re the sandwich place. The location is very comfortable and we were here for awhile watching the people walk by, so that was really nice!

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Jump Start The Coffee and Sandwich Place

206 Buffalo St
Banff, AB
(403) 762-0332

Chateau Deli – Fairmont Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of my favourite places to visit in any season! When I go in the winter time, my favourite thing to do is grab a hot chocolate with marshmallows from Chateau Deli and just walk around or look at the frozen lake. This year, I went for the Ice Magic Festival which I’ve always wanted to go see. It’s really neat watching talented people make an actual sculpture from blocks of ice.

The deli is almost a cafeteria styled place such that you take/order what you want and then pay at the end. There is a small seating area for you to enjoy your purchased goods, but during special occasions, it’s a little challenging to find a table to sit at and enjoy.

This time, like all others, we ordered our Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and I never get whipped cream as it’s a little too much dairy for me. The hot chocolate here is really delicious and it’s not like any other location for hot chocolate. Chateau Deli is on my top 5 list for hot chocolate, so be sure to try it out when you’re there!

As this was my lunch, I’ve ordered a soup and sandwich combo, so the sandwich I choose was actually a Smoked Salmon Bagel with cream cheese, red onions and capers.

The soup with the combo, we enjoyed the soup of the day, which was as Cream of Mushroom Soup and it was really good. It actually tasted a lot like the homemade cream of mushroom soups I make! Of course, theirs seems to have something special in there, but it’s comparable. I must say, I like their soup more than mine as I only make cream of mushroom soup once a year.

The last thing we enjoyed for this lunch is a big bowl of Beef Chili which was really hearty filled with lots of ground beef and beans. The flavours was magnificent, and something I would get again if it was available.

Everything is always delicious from Chateau Deli, so no matter what meal or snack, be sure to stop by for something – big or small. The flavours are always really good no matter what you order, and be sure to order your food in a combo as it’s much more economical if you’re having more than just a drink!

Chateau Deli

111 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, AB
(403) 522-3511

Sunterra Market – West Market Square

I really like markets, and one of my favourite markets would be Sunterra Market even though it’s kind of expensive. I particularly enjoy going to the one at West Market Square as it offers a small eatery and has great grocery shopping! I enjoy buying fresh products from here, and a bunch of other stuff too! The food that they prepare from their kitchen isn’t bad at all either – and the prices are pretty decent!

I really enjoy having their Butter Chicken and I had my butter chicken over rice instead of spinach. For about $8, you get a pretty generous serving of rice and butter chicken, and even some naan! The chicken is always tender and the curry is very mild in flavour. The sauce is delicious and creamy and perfect over rice!

My other half ordered from the Daily Hot Carve and on this particular day, it was Roast Beef with vegetables and potatoes. Again, the serving is really large, definitely more than a mall food court amount and this plate was just under $10! There was at least 3 slices of roast beef which was quite thick of a cut (irregular, but overall thick) which is always nice! The vegetables were roasted peppers and they were surprisingly sweet, plus tons of potatoes which were good on it’s own, or with the roast beef sauce!

Since the first visit to Sunterra, where they gave me a sample of their Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, I’ve made it a ritual where I purchase if nothing – at least a bottle of their orange juice. Sure, it costs more than other ordinary orange juice, but you actually watch them squeeze this juice out and it’s so good – year round! Of course, it’s best in the summer when the oranges are at their prime season. This is one thing I’d highly recommend if you’ve got nothing else to get from Sunterra!

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Sunterra Market, West Market Square

1851 Sirocco Dr SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 266-3049

Chachi’s – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve seen Chaichi’s Sandwich Bar a few times now, before I actually got a chance to go in. I always see it when I’m at Tim Hortons, but by then — I’ve already got some delicious food in my hand. However, I finally made it over to Chachi’s for a birthday lunch, and it was okay. It’s actually nothing special… and for the amount you pay, I may as well go over to the grocery store and order a deli sandwich.

The sandwich itself wasn’t bad, but I must say it’s nothing special. I ordered a Chicken & Havarti sandwich, and that only had one size option, long – which was fine for me. It was jammed packed with chicken breast, havarti cheese, basil pesto, Dijon, red onions, lettuce and tomatoes on Italian bread.

We also had the New York Style Smoked Meat Sandwich, and that was alright as well. It was much softer, and basically consisted only of smoked meat, and mustard also on Italian bread.


#35 South Trail Crossing
4307 – 130th Ave SE
Calgary, AB (403) 457-5397