Delta Hotels by Marriott Kananaskis Lodge

I have now been the Kananaskis Lodge twice now and both experiences were quite different. We really enjoy going during our anniversary as it’s shoulder season, yet the road conditions are still good enough. This resort is always picture perfect, so we love taking photos of it to match some local postcards.

The room was actually the same as the last time, but reversed layout. So, it was a familiar stay which I enjoyed, like an old friend. Once you oepn the door, you’re into the bathroom sink area, and through the sink area would be that main bathroom with the tub and toilet.

The room is always spacious for 2 people, but I can see it being comfortable for a family, and still big enough with a group of friends. The bathroom situation would be a little strange sometimes if you’re with a group of friends, but if you’re close enough to stay in the same room, you’re good!

Overall, our stay was wonderful as always. Hospitality was impeccable and the food was top notch. I’m sure another anniversary down the road we would be back! It’s a nice quiet and remote location, yet has enough things to do, especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

Delta Hotels by Marriott Kananaskis Lodge

1 Centennial Drive
Kananaskis Village, Alberta

Fireweed Grill – Kananaskis, Alberta

We had to do a birthday dinner redo as I was not satisfied with the original plans for my husband, so during a quiet getaway to Kananaskis, we dined at Fireweed Grill which I must say was amazing and perfect for any occasion – even lack of an occasion! It was perfect!

We didn’t order anything to start with, so for my entree I had Quebec Pork Tenderloin which I don’t know how it Quebec, but it was lovely. The meat was slightly overcooked but because it was pork tenderloin, it remained really tender and delicious. With the glaze topped with the salsa, the dish was heavenly!

The birthday boy ordered the New York Striploin which was a 10oz steak which was cooked really funny. The thickness difference was 1cm from either sides, making one edge of it “over cooked” and the other edge “perfect”. We didn’t say anything, but it was still tasty and the sauce did help with the well-doneness and everything else seemed so perfect!

Since everything was amazing, we decided we would have dessert. Our waitress was Kelsey who was absolutely amazing and adorable. She recommended her favourite to us, the Banana Bread Pudding which we were shocked how incredible it was. It was piping hot from the bread pudding and ice cold from the ice cream. The combination of it together — there are no words to describe it. Even eating the portions by itself was absolutely memorable. We eat a lot of desserts and so for, this ranks #2 out of ALL desserts we have had to date.

Overall, we were stuffed and extremely satisfied. The dessert and Kelsey really made our experience one to remember and we would return any day! It made the perfect weekend getaway!

Fireweed Grill on Urbanspoon

Fireweed Grill – Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

1 Centennial Dr
Kananaskis, AB
(403) 591-6270

Delta Lodge at Kananaskis – Kananaskis Village, Alberta

We’ve been by Kananaskis a few times already and we’ve always wanted to stay here. So many years later, we finally did get a chance to book a stay at the Delta Lodges at Kananaskis which was a fantastic resort in the middle of no where!

We checked into our room and was pleasantly surprised it was still a nice lodge feeling hotel (which it totally should be)! We actually got a Premier Room which has 2 queen beds and a balcony. The balcony was really nice as you can step out to the wilderness and it feels like you’ll see animals walk by while you’re out there.

The room itself was quite spacious especially for the 2 of us, and we spent our time outside or downstairs as we were celebrating my husbands birthday on this trip. On a side note, the Fireweed Grill was an excellent place to dine. The waitress was unbelievable and she didn’t even know it was for a special occasion! I’m sure if she did know, she would have made it extra special!

The beds were quite comfortable, but we were also quite tired as we made it in from Fort McMurray that same day – which was a long drive. The beds are quite tall and the pillows were perfect!

This room was pretty special, it had a little side sink outside of the bathroom and it had a little station with a kettle, and coffee maker – which is a good idea for families staying here so that if someone is in the bathroom, there’s still a sink you can use! The bathroom itself was quite standard, but at least there wasn’t really anything to complain about. It’s nothing to rave about either – so it’s a bathroom!

The overall stay was awesome, the hospitality was wonderful and it was memorable. I will stay here again as it was a nice getaway and it was remote! The experience was memorable.

Delta Lodge at Kananaskis

1 Centennial Drive
Kananaskis Village, Alberta T0L 2H0 Canada

Phone: 403-591-7711
Fax: 403-591-7770
Reservations: 888-890-3222

Delta Vancouver Airport – Richmond, British Columbia

We took a road trip to Vancouver one weekend and did a booking for Richmond, BC where we stayed at Delta Vancouver Airport which was right at the Vancouver airport and just a bridge away from Richmond.

The guest room we stayed in had an adjoining room door which made it a bit noisy when the neighbors were there. It wasn’t too bad overall. The size of the room was nice and it definitely housed 2 guest really comfortably with a Queen sized bed.

The room had tons of storage area and a nice TV and desk area, as well as a little seating area.

The bathroom was a standard bathroom, but it was nice and extremely clean. I didn’t use their bathroom amenities besides their hand soap and that was quite nice – and left a beautiful fragrant!

Overall, our stay was great! The location was definitely a key point as it’s close to the highways, the airport, and Richmond – where we had family.

Delta Vancouver Airport

3500 Cessna Drive
Richmond, British Columbia V7B 1C7 Canada

Phone: 604-278-1241