Cantina Grill at Denver International Airport

So, not all layovers at an airport is bad! We had a stop over at Denver International Airport (DIA) for awhile, and we needed to eat lunch. We went to the second level of concourse B where we found Cantina Grill for Mexican cuisine.

We had to be a little quick, so I ordered the Chicken quesadilla and it was really good. There’s never too much to say about a quesadilla, but this one was gooey with cheese and filled with cheese and chicken goodness! It was very satisfying for a food court!

We also ordered a Chicken Qdoba. (Gumbo) and it was also very impressive. It came in a bowl with beans, rice and stew on the bottom, and topped with cheese & salsa! We mixed it together for a delicious bowl of goodness as every spoonful was full of flavour!

The best part of Cantina Grill is the fact it’s on the second floor where there seems to be less passengers – so the line ups for food isn’t nearly as long! If I’m in Denver airport again, I wouldn’t have a problem sitting down at Cantina Grill for another meal!

Cantina Grill in Concourse B

Airport: Denver
Concourse B 8500 Pena Blvd
Denver, CO 80249
(303) 342-6860