Big Fish Dockside Seafood Restaurant – Calgary, AB

I was looking for an occasion to try Big Fish and really didn’t have one, but I wanted to go anyway – so we did. Located right on Edmonton Trail, you got street parking as an option. The restaurant is a little one, so it is best you make a reservation.

I really enjoy eating crab cakes, so I ordered their Crab and bay Shrimp Cakes so I ordered some and they were quite tasty. The taste and texture was really amazing, with the citrus aioli, it was a fantastic pairing.

Our other started was the Seafood Chowder which was quite hearty and filled with tons of seafood and flavour. I really liked it as it wasn’t rich or heavy, so it was a really good starter.

I ordered the Seafood Pot au Feu and it was interesting! It looked and smelled amazing and it actually tasted quite good, until I ate a piece of some fish that was in here and it left a terrible after taste in my mouth that I couldn’t get rid of for the rest of the night. I’m not even sure what it was, but I couldn’t finish the fish from there after – but I ate everything else!

My husband ordered the Pistachio crusted Artic Char and that tasted really amazing! There was enough pistachio on it that you knew what it was and it left a nice crust on the char! The portion was large and the char was perfectly prepared. It was pretty unique and amazing!

Overall, we had quite an amazing time! We think about returning for their oyster specials on Mondays and just to relax with those and some friends. So, we’ll be back to trying other things!

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Big Fish Dockside

1112 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 277-3403

Billy’s Burger – Calgary, AB

We make it to the weirdest places sometimes and this time was Billy’s Burger which is located on Edmonton Trail, really near much besides commercial buildings.

We were here for breakfast and their breakfast food was pretty good! We had a group of us and I basically can’t remember who had what – but I know what I ordered was good! I had their Wor Wontons which came in a giant bowl of soup, and everything was really tasty!

Then, the guys either had Bacon and Eggs or Sausage and Eggs. I’m pretty sure it as my husband that had sausage and eggs as it’s usually “Meal A” in a lot of restaurants – and it’s what he likes.

Just because I can… here’s the bacon and eggs breakfast:

The last breakfast is definitely not your typical breakfast, but it was Fried Chicken! I should totally have gotten that as the chicken was beautifully fried and the fries were amazing!! Next time!

Overall, you can pretty much order anything under the sun from here and it’ll taste pretty good! The prices are great, the service is great, it’s just a neat little place!

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Billy’s Burger

3927 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 276-3930

Boogie’s Burgers – Calgary, Alberta

I guess one evening, my husband really wanted burgers for dinner. He ended up taking me out to Boogies Burger which was very interesting! I’ve seen the sign for it when we drive along Edmonton Trail, but oddly, I’ve never once thought about trying “boogie” burgers! But, we did it! The location can be a little tough to find as it’s tucked in a bit, and it’s not really lit up.

The interior is pretty neat, it’s kind of decorated retro style and it definitely brings you back into the past with arcade games, which my husband did try to play them… and reported one of the buttons was broken, so he stood no chance. I think he just had no chance and came up with the excuse. Regardless, I think he had fun!

I was browsing through the menu and I found a huge section on milkshakes! I love the good old fashion style milkshake, and I was curios to see if this place would hit a home run with it. I got their Strawberry Milkshake as it’s my favourite and it use to be the one I’d get in our old family restaurant. My husband ordered the Pina Colada Milkshake and I’m so happy to report these milkshakes are AWESOME! It’s thick, creamy, delicious and proper! I can’t wait to go back for another shake!

For the burger, I got the Fay’s Burger and it was a decent burger stuffed with a patty, some bacon, mushrooms, onion, lettuce and tomatoes. It almost sounds like a standard burger but the burger was huge, almost the size of my head. The patty wasn’t a well formed patty but it was still good! Being the person I am, I ordered some spicy fries with my meal and it was quite good! It wasn’t too spicy, but well seasoned! I enjoyed the fries!

My husband decided to order their Boog-Mac which is probably their take on a “Big Mac” with 2 patties, thousand island sauce, cheddar cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions and tomatoes. It was a gigantic burger and a messy one, but it as nice with more sauce in the burger! It was nice!

Overall, I fell in love with the milkshakes as it bright me back to my childhood! I would only have the straw to complain about as it seemed too flimsy for the milkshake. I’d suck the straw and it seems to collapse! That’s probably just an Elsie issue though. But, this was a great place to be!

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Boogie’s Burgers

908 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 230-7070

Diner Deluxe – Calgary, Alberta

I really love watching Food Networks You Gotta Eat Here and when I heard that John Catucci got to eat at Diner Deluxe I knew it was a place I would like to visit sometime. I finally made it there right before Christmas, and it was packed! We waited quite a long time for a table, and the service was really quick!

Once were seated, the waitress came to give us the drink specials, and already they had alcoholic specials, which I knew I couldn’t do for a morning drink… so, I just ordered a delicious Hot Chocolate and it tasted as good as it looks!

For the breakfast, I ordered my favourite, Eggs Benedict!! I ordered what they called Canadian Bacon Benny which came with 2 poached eggs on buttermilk biscuits, with basil hollandaise sauce and hash browns. On the actual benny itself, it had large slices of Canadian Bacon, essentially ham! This combination was delicious, and I definitely think about returning to try their Smoked Salmon and Capers Benny! I think that would be a wonderful breakfast at any time!

My other half ordered what he loves to love, the Pulled Pork Hash which was quite feast for him! It consisted of 2 poached eggs, BBQ pulled pork, grainy Brassica Mustard, Caramelized Apples and onions, hash browns and toast.

Overall, it was a perfect way to start the day and I would love to return. The prices wasn’t terrible as the portions are huge. Food tasted great, so I had a wonderful time! Like I said, I would love to return to try other options, and I would love to try what I believe was like a market or bakery right next door. Just as we were leaving, someone was telling us it was good too!

Diner Deluxe

804 Edmonton Trail NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 276-5499

OEB Breakfast Co.

We made it to OEB Breakfast Co for breakfast this one Sunday – and it was a cute little place where a lot of people seem to gather. Immediately once in the door you’re in their coat room – where we had to wait for a table. Eventually, the line went right out the door, and even thought it was a cool morning, it didn’t stop their hungry guests from waiting outside!

When we finally got seated, we were actually at a table instead of the central common table – which is a neat way to seat a lot more in a smaller space.

I ordered The One That Did Not Get Away North Pacific smoked cod & egg scramble, green onions, crisp potatoes, brown butter Hollandaise, vegetarian kelp caviar. This was a fun dish as everything was in a giant bowl! I tried to eat it graciously and orderly, but I found more fun and flavour when I mixed up the entire bowl and ate whatever I had in my spoon! The smoked cod was a great choice as it added just the perfect depth of flavour with a hint of smokiness! I absolutely loved their potato wedges – they were cooked perfectly and had a nice crisp outside of each wedge, yet it was soft and fluffy in the inside.

We also ordered a delicious Smoked Steelhead Salmon, a three egg scram-blettes With green onions & Spanish capers. The omelette was perfect as it was full of flavour and veggies – it was perfect on it’s own. But, to top it off a few notches, the smoked steelhead salmon really made this feel like a five star breakfast!

This was a fun breakfast place, where the prices are reasonable – especially for it’s portion sizes and the amount of food and flavour you get! It’s a small restaurant, so be prepared to wait! It was sure worth it though! Everything was super delicious and I am sure I’ll be back someday soon!

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Oeb Breakfast Co.

824 Edmonton Trl NE
Calgary, AB T2E3J6
(403) 278-3447