Fairmont Empress – Victoria, British Columbia

We decided to go to Victoria as I’ve never been there, so we decided to drive there which was quite a lengthy drive with a ferry ride, but it was definitely an awesome experience! We figured this is the only trip we will be taking here for the foreseeable future, so we decided to splurge and stay at The Fairmont Empress which has a beautiful view, and the location is quite central to unique places!

We stayed in their most economic room as it was a costly time to visit them, so the Fairmont Room was what we booked, but with a king bed. The room was beautiful and very comfortable as it offered a spacious area with a couch and a desk area.

Just across the way there’s another couch with their coffee and take maker! It’s the perfect place to stay for a wind-down if you don’t want to leave your room.

The bed and the room was really large and comfortable. The pillows was a delight to sleep on, and everything was clean and cozy, perfect for a rainy afternoon like the one we had during our stay!

The bathroom was pretty standard, it wasn’t too big, but it wasn’t small either. It offers everything you need, so it was jsut perfect!

Overall, our stay was magnificent. I think about returning all the time but it’s very expensive all around, so it’ll be a special trip every few years! The overall stay was magnificent and we had the best server during our afternoon tea experience. The only complaint would be valet – every time we needed our keys or wanted to drop it off, we would be waiting for 20 minutes for a door person to assist us.

Fairmont Empress

721 Government Street
Victoria, British Columbia
250 384 8111

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton, Alberta

I love historic hotels and Fairmont has a bunch of them that are spectacular! We got to stay overnight at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in their standard room which they call Fairmont Room. It was a decent room, it’s not huge but it’s comfortable. The lobby wasn’t large, but they do have the pool/spa facilities on the lower floor which is like an extension of their lobby.

Once into the room, it wasn’t very big and it’s definitely got everything you need! There’s the bathroom the the left and a closet with tons of space including an in-room safe in the closet. The bathroom wasn’t bad, there was plenty of space.

Our room had a queen bed in it and it overlook the bus Central Station which was extremely noisy. The view wasn’t bad at night as you can see some of the river – but if noise is an issue, this isn’t the view you’d like!

The overall feel and room was comfortable. The hotel staff was able to accommodate me checking in early and the hotel was great! The staff was friendly – but their valet staff did take longer than expected. At least twice we asked for our vehicle, they claimed it would be there about 15-20 minutes. We’d get down closer to half an hour and we’d still have to wait. So, make sure you leave yourself with enough time to retrieve your vehicle.

The hotel is located right by the river in downtown and it’s really convenient by foot and transit if you need to commute that way! It’s a great location and it’s safe both day and night.

The pool although we didn’t get to use, it was pretty large and looks like fun!

The video clip below is a room walk through of the room we stayed in:

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton

10065 100th Street
Edmonton, Alberta