Harvest Room at Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton, Alberta

During our stay at the Fairmont Hotel Edmonton, we decided we would eat our breakfast there and then venture around Edmonton before taking off and starting the journey back to Calgary. We figured we’d grab our breakfast at the Harvest Room the restaurant on their main lobby.

We were seated immediately, and it’s a small dining room so we were shocked we beat the morning rush! We didn’t feel like having their buffet, so we decided we would order ala carte! We figured for sure we wanted to try their Jasper Ave Egg Croissant which was a croissant stuffed with bacon (although they called it grilled ham), fried eggs, cheese, and tomato. There was also some potatoes on the side which was absolutely delicious!

From there, we figured we’d order something sweet, so we settled for their Stuffed French Toast which was my favourite! Tt was a brioche bread stuffed with mascarpone cheese and blueberries, and it had a side of sausage which had lots of links – which was amazing!

Overall, this was a fantastic breakfast. Everything was made fresh so it was hot and tasty and it looked beautiful! We enjoyed our time in this dining room!

Harvest Room on Urbanspoon

Harvest Room – Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

10065 100 St
Edmonton, AB
(780) 424-5181

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton, Alberta

I love historic hotels and Fairmont has a bunch of them that are spectacular! We got to stay overnight at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in their standard room which they call Fairmont Room. It was a decent room, it’s not huge but it’s comfortable. The lobby wasn’t large, but they do have the pool/spa facilities on the lower floor which is like an extension of their lobby.

Once into the room, it wasn’t very big and it’s definitely got everything you need! There’s the bathroom the the left and a closet with tons of space including an in-room safe in the closet. The bathroom wasn’t bad, there was plenty of space.

Our room had a queen bed in it and it overlook the bus Central Station which was extremely noisy. The view wasn’t bad at night as you can see some of the river – but if noise is an issue, this isn’t the view you’d like!

The overall feel and room was comfortable. The hotel staff was able to accommodate me checking in early and the hotel was great! The staff was friendly – but their valet staff did take longer than expected. At least twice we asked for our vehicle, they claimed it would be there about 15-20 minutes. We’d get down closer to half an hour and we’d still have to wait. So, make sure you leave yourself with enough time to retrieve your vehicle.

The hotel is located right by the river in downtown and it’s really convenient by foot and transit if you need to commute that way! It’s a great location and it’s safe both day and night.

The pool although we didn’t get to use, it was pretty large and looks like fun!

The video clip below is a room walk through of the room we stayed in:

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton

10065 100th Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Banff Springs Hotel Castle Pantry – Banff, Alberta

We woke up late during our stay at the hotel. We decided to grab a quick breakfast before checking out so we went downstairs to Castle Pantry located right at the main lobby – next to the Concierge. It’s a great place to grab something to go, or grab and sit at their seating area – which we did.

As we were just grabbing and basically going, I picked up their Apple Cinnamon Turnover which was absolutely amazing! It was light, crispy and flaky pastry crust with tender and delicious apple filling, covered in cinnamon sugar. It was not too sweet for breakfast for me as it as delicious.

We also picked up their croissant as the day before, we had an amazing Egg Salad Croissant during afternoon tea. We were quite hopeful it would be just as amazing. It was good, but not as good! We were still very content with the croissant!

Overall, it was the perfect place for a quick bite. Filling, delicious and reasonably priced. The service was great and it was like a cantina styled cafe. It works and it’s good!

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Castle Pantry – Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

405 Spray Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-2211

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel – Banff, Alberta

I’ve been to many hotels in my life so far and time after time, Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel keeps coming up as my all time favourite! So, we decided to go back and stay again as it’s been awhile to re-live old memories and make some recent ones! We booked a night in the Deluxe Mountain View King Room where we were blown away yet again!

Our room was amazing this time, we got a corner room that overlooked Tunnel Mountain and Rundle Mountain – and you can make out Bow Falls from the window! The view was amazing and the space in the room was plenty ample! Once you walked into the room, the bed was on one side, and basically everything else was on the other side!

We walked in and there was the drink amenity tray which has a coffee maker, and a kettle! There’s also a mini fridge that’s under the TV stand too and it had some creamers! They give you plenty of coffee and tea options, and only 2 mugs! So, we just rised our mugs and reused them as I made hot chocolate that I brought with me for this amazing trip!

The bathroom was pretty small, and offered a relatively spacious stand in shower! The bathroom amenities were quite nice and it offered a subtle rose scent. It had all that you really needed though! Behind the door on a hook was a hair dryer too! There’s plenty of extra bathroom supplies – so for sure you won’t run out!

The treat in the room was the giant soaker tub with jets in the corner. It is located outside the bathroom in the room but it’s tucked in the corner! What an amazing treat! You can turn the TV over and watch TV from the tub, but if your jets are going, you probably can’t hear the TV. There’s a few steps here on tiles so I’m sure it can become slippery – but there’s another bath mat to help with that!

To get a better overall look of the room we stayed at, feel free to visit the room walk through clip below! We enjoyed the 2 windows with the window seats a lot! The view is pretty good, although there is some obstruction! There’s a column in the middle of the room, but it’s hard to miss – you won’t walk into it at night!

Overall, this is still our favourite hotel with the best rooms, view and the food at the hotel is amazing as well! We did all our dining at the hotel and it truly was a Fairmont experience! What a perfect weekend!

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

405 Spray Avenue
Banff, Alberta, Canada
403 762 2211

Afternoon Tea in Fairview Dining Room – Lake Louise, Alberta

I have wanted to experience Afternoon Tea for year now, and I finally got my first opportunity at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise inside the Fairview Dining Room which was a wonderful anniversary present I got. We waited for a table by the window to overlook Lake Louise and it was a fantastic view for sure! We sat down at the table and it was already ready for us which made us really excited.

We started with their seasonal fruit salad which was really perfectly cut and prepared and tasted great! The fruits were sweet and it as just a nice summery treat!

Then, came the star of the show, our 3 tier afternoon tea platter with our dainty sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle and desserts on the top! It was as amazing as it looks!

The finger sandwiches was fresh and amazing! My favourite would be this little guy on the croissant and the smoked salmon sandwich. Everything was amazing – so it’s pretty hard to pick just one!

Then, the middle tier was the scones and those were absolutely amazing. With the fresh berry compote and devonshire cream, it was a delight! But, nothing beats my favourite tier, the desserts! The best dessert on this try for me was their Coffee Eclair.

We had such a great time here, instead of waiting 14 years before our next visit, we’re planning to make this an annual event as they do change up their afternoon tea menu – so it will never be the same!

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Fairview Dining Room

111 Lake Louise Drive
Lake Louise, AB
(403) 522-3511