Highlevel Diner – Edmonton, AB

I first heard of Highlevel Diner on TV as I watched “You Gotta Eat Here”, and they were recommending their famous Cinnamon buns. So, we knew when we stayed overnight in Edmonton, this was a breakfast place on the top of our list.

Nothing starts my day better than with some Hot Chocolate and so I ordered some here. It’s a nice treat to have hot chocolate in my diet as I love it, but often find it’s really sweet.

I ordered their Farmers Omelette which was an amazing omelette with bacon, onion, potato, and cheddar cheese. It kind of reminds me of the items I love in my perogies! These items tastes amazing wrapped in eggs!

Finally, the star of the show, the Cinnamon Bun where we ordered 1 to share. Thank goodness we did as they were the size of my head! It was soft, warm, fresh, gooey and not too sweet. It was the perfect cinnamon bun which needed nothing else with it. It was amazing!

Overall, the cinnamon buns are to die for! There’s a few other places on my “to go list” that include cinnamon buns now as it’s one of my favourite food items. I especially love cinnamon buns around Christmas time as it’s warming, inside and out! So, if you go to this diner, be sure to order yourself a cinnamon bun from here!

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Highlevel Diner

10912 88 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-1317