Wendy’s – Fresh Made Salads

I always have amazing opportunities to try new things and this time, I am at my local fast food restaurant Wendys trying their fresh-made salads. Salads I must admit is something I never order… but I figured I should and I’m glad I did. I tried their BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad in their half size (which was still a large portion). It’s quite hearty and really fresh. The BBQ Ranch dressing is a little on the saltier side, so I would advise to put some dressing in and try it – add more if needed. This amazing little salad was really filling as it was topped with fire-roasted corn, applewood smoked bacon, warm, and grilled chicken.

The other salad we got was their Taco Supermo Salad also in half size. This one, my husband really loved as he loves Wendy’s chili and tacos with salsa and sour cream. This amazing salad was a bed of fresh greens topped with their famous chili, shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, chunky salsa, sour cream, yellow corn tortilla which added a nice crunch.

For people who don’t actually eat a lot of salads – especially going out and purchasing one, Wendy’s salads have never left our mind as we often talk about trying more of their salads – but we’re stuck on the Taco Supermo salad.

Los Compadres Calgary Food Truck

I love the food trucks in Calgary, they are unique and they taste pretty good too! Our Mexican Cuisine food truck would be the glorious Los Compadres, and I must say – I get really excited when they or ALL the food trucks come to Deerfoot Meadows because that is the place I’m most likely going to catch them if I want them!

I tried their Bisteck (3 Top Sirloin Tacos), and I loved it! It was a corn tortilla folded around a beef filling, and in this case it was top sirloin tacos. These tacos was topped of with cilantro and onions with salsa on the side. I’ve never tasted a tortilla fresher than these, and the texture was soft and chewy! It was delicious – best of all, the tortilla was strong enough where it didn’t break, but it wasn’t all you tasted. It was a great balance between the ingredients – plenty of meat, fresh ingredients. Fresh tacos from Los Compradres is something I would highly recommend, and it sure beats a lot of fast food locations in food courts!

I’ve also had the opportunity to try their Churro (Regular) on another date during BaconFest in Calgary! It was a fun event, and a lot of the food trucks was at the BaconFest this year! I’ve got to say, I was a little disappointed but I think it’s because of the demand they had to keep up with – since lot of of people who attended this event was holding at least a churro or two — so I think they pre-fried it. It was kind of hard and cold, and it just wasn’t hot, soft, tender and delicious! I think the next time I see Los Compadres, I will have to give it another shot as it was something I really wanted, and wanted it to be the best!

This is an amazing food truck, with great fun owners/server, and fresh, delicious food – it has become one of my top ranking food trucks in Calgary! I think it’s definitely worth a shot especially after lot of improving over the summer months – I’m sure you’ll think it’s extra special as well!

Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine

I’ve been going to Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine for about 11 years now, of course with about 7 years in between when we stopped going – as we weren’t going to Chinatown as much. We went back, and there’s still a line up outside — just as we remembered the good old days! It’s the same owner and his wife, and now with someone else as well. The line does seem to move faster, no matter how big of an order ahead of us placed. It is often that a representative from a company or something would put in a huge order of 10+ subs right in front of you! Everyone knows this is a great place to go if you’re willing to wait outside.

The prices are still very reasonable and competitive to other submarine locations, Vietnamese subs or not. I got my peppered chicken for $6.50, which seems less than I recalled, which is a good thing!

I had the Peppered Chicken which has always been my all time favourite from Thi Thi. Yes, the amount of chicken has seemed to reduce, and it’s not nearly as peppery as it use to be. But it still tastes wonderful!! The pickled carrots are really tasty unlike some other Vietnamese locations that seem to just use normal matchstick carrots. The sauce was really tasty, the meat was tender and juicy!

The subs from Thi Thi quite big and full of flavor!! The bun is toasted nicely, crispy on the outside, but still soft in the inside. The cheese is melted perfectly! I don’t know how they do it, but they sure mastered the art of Vietnamese submarines.

I think over so many years, this place hasn’t changed, and it’s a great thing! I will be back, and hopefully it won’t take me another 5 years to return! 🙂 This location is a take-out only location, and cash only! Such a small & great place!

Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine

209 1st St SE
Calgary, AB T2G2G3
(403) 265-5452

Ruby Thai Kitchen – Calgary, Alberta

Ruby Thai Kitchen is at the Food Court of South Centre Mall in Calgary! I especially enjoy their spicy beef noodle soup – but this time, I tried their food that was out already as it was close to their closing time.

I didn’t enjoy the food that was sitting out in the buffet. It was dry, but as mentioned, it may be because it was the end of the day.

But having the noodle soup is definitely the place to go for this mall’s food court!

Taco Time South Centre

I often eat at a food court on Saturdays… it’s my afternoon laziness, and I always enjoy TacoTime. South Centre is no different, and the mexi fries deluxe is something I always get! Its really good when they make it fresh, and the chances are it’s fresh during lunch hour!

The burritos are always fresh and that makes it really nice for a food court! During this particular visit, I had the regular super chicken burrito. I normally really enjoy the ranch chicken burrito, but I thought i would switch it up a little.

We also always order a beef and cheese burrito, and it’s always packed with delicious ground beef and oozing melting cheese!! It’s always a meal on it’s own!

  • TacoTime South Centre Mall
  • TacoTime Mexi Fries Deluxe
  • TacoTime Salsa
  • TacoTime Super Chicken Burrito
  • TacoTime Beef and Cheese Burrito

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