Fat Kee Noodle House

I’ve been going to Fat Kee for many years now, and I love their fresh noodles that they make for their distributors — they use the same noodles for their customers! You’ll always get their freshest noodles, and many other products.

This place is a little place, and the food is really reasonable, with great quality!! Sure, their specialty noodle dishes maybe a little bit smaller than going somewhere else, but you must remember, they aren’t as expensive! The best thing about smaller portions, you can try more variety!

It is extremely busy here during weekdays in the afternoon, and many evenings as people order takeout. It appears that they have a lot of customers who are return customers, as the waitress seem to really know their guests and their preferences!!

Fat Kee offers quite traditional food as well as North American Chinese food, both really tasty!! Be sure to pick up some of their noodles from T&T! 🙂

We really enjoy their deep fried tofu, it’s actually deep fried tofu, and deep fried again to a crisp. It’s served with some salt on the side for you to dip it in, but it’s actually flavourful enough as is.

We also often order the Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken and rice, and it’s also really delicious. They steam the chicken, and top it with chilies & ginger. The soy sauce that the chicken sits in is really good with rice!! If you just want to eat a bowl of rice with some sauce, this would be the sauce!!!

As always, I eat Shanghai Noodles everywhere I go, so it is no surprise I have it here as well. The noodles as mentioned are really fresh and soft, with the right amount of seasoning and pork. They don’t need to add much to the already perfect noodles!

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Fat Kee Noodle House

345-3132 26 St NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 250-8436