Barbs Fish and Chips – Victoria, British Columbia

While we were in Victoria, we decided to go find their wharf as often on weekends, I tell my husband “I want to go to the wharf to eat”, but sadly there’s none in Calgary. I liked out here when I said that as we found ourselves at their wharf with floating restaurants and we randomly went to one and picked Barb’s Floating Seafood Restaurant which must be known for their Fish and Chips as everyone was getting some!

This was only a little snack, after a large lunch, we didn’t actually need to eat, but figured it was something we should experience. So, we ordered their 1 Piece Halibut Dinner and their side order of Seafood Chowder. They make everything to order and even when your buzzer goes off, they’re still preparing your meal at the window! The food was amazing, the fish was a large piece, seasoned, and fried to the most perfect piece of fried halibut I’ve had! The portions were huge and we haven’t had such fresh seafood in a long time!

The soup was full of seafood with some potatoes and was very tasty! There was a lot of seafood in the chowder without a lot of filler or potatoes. The overall meal here was amazing and we’ve been bragging about our experience here in Victoria. We’re glad we made this fish and chip stop even though we didn’t actually need to eat!

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Barbs Fish and Chips

Fisherman’s Wharf
1 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC
(250) 384-6515

Sea.Fish n’Chips – Calgary, Alberta

I went to Sea’s on a quiet afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and just after the lunch rush, so I got the place pretty much to myself.

Sea’s is a little location that offers a few tables, that offers freshly fried fish, chips, and all sorts of other goodies. Their take out menu isn’t as complete as their sit down menu, and both menus are available on their website.

One thing I was kind of craving was something like a crab cake, but it didn’t have to be a crab… they didn’t have any starters that had just that, but it’s alright, I’ve had their calamari before, and it was good. But since I came alone this time, I know I wouldn’t have been able to finish everything if I ordered calamari on top of my meal.

I had a nice refreshing glass of home made lemonade which was really tasty! Just as I would expect home made lemonade to taste like! It was perfect for a nice bright summery day!

As much as I wanted to try their burgers, I went to a fish and chip joint – so I should enjoy fish and chip! They had an array of options, from halibut, cod, and haddock. So, I chose a haddock meal with chips, just like how England would do it! It was freshly fried, great piece of fish – not fishy at all, lightly and flaky – perfect! and the fries were really crispy on the outside, and tender & juicy on the inside.

The decoration inside really suite the theme. There was a giant net on the ceiling, and there were a lot of posters that stayed with the “sea” theme. It is a cute place for sure! I can see myself being back in the near future.

Sea.Fish n’Chips

45 High Street SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 452-3474