Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn – Edmonton, AB

One relaxing weekend while in Edmonton, we decided to change up our routine and go out for breakfast instead of enjoying “complimentary breakfast” at the hotel. We ventured to Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn which is located right on 72nd Ave and it looks like a German house.

We ordered both sweet and savoury breakfast, so I picked their Breakfast Special which was mango crepes filled with mango cream cheese, then topped with some mango and raspberry coulee. The portions were huge, the food was fresh and delicious!

We also ordered Breaded Pork Schnitzel which was much thicker than the schnitzel that I’m use too, but it was a delicious fried pork chop!

Overall, the breakfast was extremely filling and delicious. We enjoyed our experience here and everyone was so friendly and happy.

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Barb & Ernie’s Old Country Inn

9906-72 Ave. NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-3242

Kaffee Stube Edelweiss Village – Calgary, Alberta

Ah, German food, ja? Das ist gut! I found Edelweiss Village which is a German Market, but inside, there’s a cafe called Kaffee Stube which is a pretty cool “fast food” place! It’s pretty big and pretty busy, and most of the people who go to the cafe eat sweets with coffee… except for me, I get real food!

I had to order myself a Hot Chocolate as we’re in a cafe, on a cold day! It was a delicious and decadent hot chocolate with a great chocolate wafer roll on the side! It was so good that I got a tin of these wafers from the market on my way out!

We ordered a Red Borscht as it was one of the soup of the day. It’s also one of my favourite soups (I know, I love a lot of things…), but I really enjoyed the flavours of this soup! It was quite different from the Ukranian ones I’ve tried.

My lunch was their Ukrainan Classic which had sauerkraut topped with a Bratwurst, and homemade Perogies! It was a tad costly at $10.25 for only a few perogies! I must admit, the food was good, but I’m not sure if it was worth that much for a fast food/take out place, which is really too bad.

Then, we ordered a plate of their Schnitzel Plate which had pork schnitzel, German potato salad with sauerkraut for $12.95! The Schnitzel was a tad disappointing as they took it out of the smorg and heated it up in the microwave, which made it soggy. The flavours were great, so maybe next time, I’ll take it home and bake it until golden and crispy!

Even though it was costly, it was decent food and there was still a LONG line up. It tells you something! I would return as well, and have some sweets as they look delicious! I’m sure it will be a cheaper experience as well when we do that!

Kaffee Stube on Urbanspoon

Kaffee Stube

1921 20 Ave NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 282-6600

Mon. Tues. Wed. 9:30-7:00
Thurs. Fri. 9:30-8:00
Sat. 9:00-6:00
Sun. & Holidays – Closed