Vintage Pub & Grill – Drumheller, Alberta

We found ourselves visiting Atlas Coal Mine this one weekend out near Drumheller, AB and afterwards needed to find some food. We ventured to Drumheller downtown and found a corner lot pub & grill called Vintage Pub & Grill and figured it would be a great place for us to eat before heading back home!

We seated ourselves by the window and it was a large place with pool tables and all! The service was excellent and very attentive, even when it got busier towards the end of our stay!

I really didn’t know what to order, so I ordered myself a Pulled Pork Sandwich with fries and gravy. Everything was super delicious, even though it’s not the best fries ever, there was something special in the gravy that made me eat it all up anyway! It’s like there’s 5-spice in the gravy or something, but the extra oomph was awesome!

My other half ordered the Chicken Parmesan which was actually better than ever expected! The chicken parm was cooked perfectly, still juicy and tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. The sauce was not runny or watery and it was just an amazing meal!

Overall, this was an amazing meal, and it wasn’t because we were hungry that made this place great — it was actually great! We were thinking about bringing our friends out here when we return to Drumheller next year!

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Vintage Pub & Grill

30 Railway Ave W
Drumheller, AB
(403) 823-5123

7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

I had to opportunity to try authentic Filipino food at 7 Seas in Calgary, and it was a little place – which is really easy to miss, as it’s tucked away in a strip mall. However, the food is excellent, and the prices are really reasonable (with large portions).

We started with one of their soups and I”m not sure what it’s called as it was all ordered by a friend. This soup was pretty tasty and not like any other soup we’ve had.

We had their Lumpia which is their spring roll, and they have an amazing and delicious take on it.

We also go to try their fried fish which was perfectly fried to a nice crispy without being dry.

Staying with the fried theme, we got their fried pork skin which is a very common appetizer or snack in the Asian world.

Pretty much what we ate instaead of a variety of started was rice with a popular dish of stewed okra and tomatoes and rice. This was amazing and I think adults and kids of all ages would enjoy this tangy dish.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience and we really enjoyed our time here.

7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant

7521 Macleod Trail South
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-8087