Holiday Inn Express & Suites Edmonton Airport – Nisku, Alberta

We were lucky to unwind a week in Edmonton, Alberta where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express – Edmonton International Airport which is just outside of the actual city in Nisku/Leduc. The hotel is easy to find and it’s right by the train tracks – which could be noisy when the train goes by.

The room was really large and offered a seating area. The suites are relatively quiet except when a train goes by. The train doesn’t go by too often which makes this a nice hotel for business or personal. There is also complimentary breakfast with the hotel.

In the event of not wanting to eat complimentary breakfast, or you missed it, or you just have something else in mind – this hotel is ideal as it offers both a mini fridge and microwave! You can do almost anything!

The bathrooms are quite standard as any other hotel bathroom – and they use really nice bathroom amenities. Bath and Body works was the brand of their choice which is a lovely brand and growing in popularity!

The beds are so comfortable and the pillows were plush yet firm. We had a great night sleep and wouldn’t mind returning to this hotel again! The hotel itself offers amenities like dining, and pool & hot tub. Unfortunately during our stay, the hot tub was down and I was going to use it to soak the stress for the week away.

The video shows the room walk through – which was a fantastic room!

Holiday Inn Express – Edmonton International Airport

1102-4th Street Edmonton International Airport
Nisku, Alberta T9E8E2 Canada
1 877 660 8550 |

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Whitecourt Southeast – Whitecourt Alberta

I did a blind booking when I had the opportunity to stay up North in Whitecourt, Alberta and we just randomly bid a hotel as we had no idea what’s what. We were lucky enough to have won Holiday Inn Express & Suites for this stay, and I’m sure glad we did! The hotel and the room was very nice and the staff was extremely friendly! The location was really good as it’s not far from amenities, yet far enough from the highway and train that it was quiet.

Once we got to our room, we were blown away with the amount of space we had! It was huge inside with all the amenities you’d want – from mini fridge to a microwave! We’re never picky with what we get and this room, we had 2 queen sized beds and it was nice! Everything was clean and no funky smell – which is always a good thing.

The bathroom decent in size with enough counter space! It was pretty standard, and it was also clean with fresh towels and stuff. It’s not spacious, but yet, how much room do you need in a bathroom…

They used Bath & Body Works bathroom amenities in this hotel, which is very nice. It smell really good and you know it’s a good brand. I appreciate it! The last Holiday Inn Express I stayed at used the same line, but a different scent – so it’s a fun way to experience it!

Overall, the stay was extremely enjoyable and comfortable. They had free wifi internet, free parking and complimentary breakfast! To see the room walk-through, check out the clip below!

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Whitecourt Southeast

4721 49 St
Whitecourt, AB T7S 1N5
Phone:(780) 778-2512

Holiday Inn Kenilworth

We went to England for my sisters wedding in September 2011, and it was lovely. It was held at the Kenilworth Castle which was a beautiful location. The entire city of Kenilworth in Warwichshire was really lovely. It seemed like an up-scale small town.

We flew into Birmingham Airport as it was the closet airport from Kenilworth and my sister picked us up. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth which was a beautiful hotel with lots of amenities in and around the hotel.

Holiday Inn Kenilworth

Eating options was plenty in Kenilworth, and the location of this hotel was ideal for ones who like to eat – such as myself. The hotel is located right in the middle of of a great traffic circle (roundabouts) with major streets for dining. We ate at the Starbucks inside the hotel a few times for lunches and snack, and The Almanack. We also had a fantastic dinner at Indian Edge which is just down the street of The Square and it’s a fantastic East Indian cuisine restaurant which I highly recommend.

Besides all the dining and shopping in boutiques, the hotel was beautiful. It feels really new, or newly renovated. It was large, the staff was quite friendly – after they warmed up to us being familiar faces, and the rooms were large and clean.

We stayed in the Executive Suite as we needed a room with more space to get ready, and of course a king bed was worth it! It seems that England usually has either 2 twin beds or 1 queen – sometimes a double as standard sizes. So, with the upgrade, we got more space to get ready for the wedding, and visiting of other family/friend members.

The location of the room was fantastic as I love rooms that are far from the elevator. This was the perfect room for me as it was at the very end of a hallway. It had an extra window in the room which was something I loved during the day, and in the evening, the shades darkened the room really well!

Overall, the room and the hotel was fantastic! I would return to this area and stay at the Holiday Inn Kenilworth again anytime. You can see the walk through of my room from the clip below!

Holiday Inn Kenilworth

Abbey End 212, Warwickshire,
CV8 1ED England