Helna’s Strube – Radium, British Columbia

we took a day trip to Radium, BC as I wanted to go on a road trip to anywhere but staying in our city. I forgot this city closed early and by the time we got here, it was dinner time and a lot of places were closed. We were able to get a table on the patio of Helna’s Strube and it was perfect!

Once we ordered, on this chilly autumn’s evening they brought out a beautiful and warm Bread Basket which was perfect. I’m not sure if it was as warm as I think the bread was as my fingers were kind of frozen already.. and if you know me, more often than not my fingers are cold! So, this was already amazing as is!

I just ordered right off the menu as my hubby ordered their special, which was an awesome deal! He ended up getting a salad and dessert with his meal for just a bit more. Of course, I ate the dessert as I always claim I need the sweets to keep me sweet. Anyway, I ordered their Trout “Müllerin“, a generous sized trout pan-fried in a lemon parsley butter, served with rice. The skin was super amazing, thin and crispy and the trout was perfectly cooked, not fishy at all.

As mentioned, my better half ordered the special and it came with Baby Green Salad which is something that looked beautiful and not overdressed of a salad.

His main meal was their Mushroom Schntzel or the “Jaeger Schnitzel” which is breaded pork loin in a white wine mushroom cream sauce, served with spätzle. This was an amazing special and just because it was one, the portion size was still enormous!

Then, just when you think you’re done… the dessert course! Always make room for dessert after a great meal! This one was their Coupe Strawberry, a simple, easy and delicious dessert!

Overall, this was a fantastic and casual place to be. The food was stunning and tasty, the service was perfect. We definitely enjoyed ourselves at Helna’s and as everything was perfect, we’d recommend spending an evening here!

Helna’s Stube

7547 Main St W
Radium Hot Springs, BC

The Bavarian Inn Restaurant – Bragg Creek, AB

From traveling on my birthday, we discovered how wonderful Eastern Europe food could be so we were excited go to Bragg Creek to try Bavarian Inn Restaurant. We were here around 3PM and they had to turn people away as they were too busy and booked up! We would never have guessed but we were lucky we were ahead of that little rush.

Once we got seated by the window, we browsed through the menu and saw a few items we would love to try. But, since this was a late lunch/early dinner, we could only eat so much. We started with Goulash Soup which they called it “ungarische gulasch suppe” which was like a hearty beef stew with more liquid component – so it turns it into a soup. The flavours were really developed as you can tell a lot of time went into this awesome soup.

I decided to try their Schnitzel Krustchen not only for their pork loin schnitzel, but for smoked salmon as it’s something I really love! This lovely dish is also topped with a fried egg with red cabbage and potatoes on the side. It’s a hearty meal and to my surprise the red cabbage was relatively sweet, so I really enjoyed it as I don’t love all types of sauerkraut; I was a little worried. I actually cleared everything off on my plate and I was impressed with myself!

My husband enjoyed a Jager-Schnitzel which was also a pork loin schnitzel, but what caught his eye was the creamy mushroom sauce that accompanied the dish! On the side was some spatzle, which is really short noodles or dumplings made of flour. Till this day, he still raves about this dish so obviously he truly loved it!

We had such a fabulous time here as the food was amazing, we even tried to order a slice of their Homemade Black Forrest cake, but they ran out. I was shocked that they ran out at that hour as dinner service hasn’t even started – so hopefully they started baking again! I know I will be back to try other amazing dishes here and even their desserts!

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The Bavarian Inn Restaurant

75 White Ave
Bragg Creek, AB
(403) 949-3611