Sunterra Market – Keynote

I love markets, and I especially love food courts/eatery in markets! A few of Sunterra Markets offers food in a fast food style, but here in the Keynote Sunterra, it offers a little eating area on the main level and also what they call MarketBAR that’s located on the top floor. There’s also a patio seating area as well, but, it was too cold the day we went – it was snowing!

There’s tons of entrances/exits for you to get into either the Sunterra Market, or Sunterra MarketBAR as it’s all attached, with many signs around the Keynote building! Once inside, depending on which door you’re at – it will depends where you are! The first time there, through the doors in the picture above, that brought us to a remote location of the store. It’s got the stairs and elevators bringing you up to the MarketBAR. So, if you’re looking at just eating without walking the market, this entrance would be ideal for you!

Once you’re upstairs, you’ll get the the “take-out” and “eat-in” area, which reminds me of a fancy food court. Past this area however, it looks to be an actual sit down restaurant area – which I assume it’s the same menu, but with service!

We ordered 2 bowls of pasta, as it was dinner. It came with a slice of garlic toast, which is my favourite! Nothing like garlic toast, alone or with pasta! Anyway. we ordered a bowl of Bolognese Pasta as this one is a hearty meat sauce over pasta!

The other bowl of pasta that we ordered would be the Parmesan Chicken and it’s a rich white creamy and cheesy sauce. If you don’t like the smell of Parmesan, you probably won’t like this one! Both bowls of pasta was enormous – which I couldn’t finish. Chunks of meat throughout the sauce, and enough sauce without drowning the pasta! So, overall, I really like this place! The prices are very reasonable, the portions are huge and the food is excellent! I will be back for dessert one day!

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Sunterra Market – Keynote

200 12 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G2H8
(403) 261-6772