Migarock Korean BBQ – Calgary, Alberta

Our friends apparently have been going to this place for Korean BBQ for years and it’s our first time!! They recommended Migarock to us and so here we ate!! It was a cold wintery day when we came, so heat and spice was on the top of our list!

Once we sat down, I knew I needed “Japchae”, which they called Stir Fried Glass Noodles with Beef Bulgogi! The portion wasn’t the biggest, but it sure was tasty! The texture was perfect as it wasn’t hard yet it wasn’t soggy! The flavours was quite authentic to me (but what do I know!). The thing I like most is it wasn’t full of vegetables!

We then decided we wanted a soup dish, to warm ourselves and we have always enjoyed soup!! Well, more than 50% of this group this day enjoys soup a lot!! We settles for their Spicy Pork Bone Soup and it was super spicy!! When the soup kept boiling down, it just go spicier as well! The flavours were fragrant and amazing, but make sure you like heat with spice! The pork falls right off the bones and that absorbed all the delicious flavours!

Then, the final thing we did was order raw food for their Korean BBQ!! We definitely don’t mind getting smoky and smelly to cook our own food! There’s the fun in Korean BBQ because of it! We ordered their BBQ Beef Ribs and that beef was so tender and juicy. It was marinated perfectly and even the burnt bits were tasty!

And, of course we ordered the BBQ Beef Bulgogi and that was my favourite thing to go with my rice! I added the Beef Bulgogi with some soup (to tone down the spice) and I ate so much rice! It really was the perfect dinner for a cold day!

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Migarock Korean BBQ

17-7400 MacLeod Trail SE,
Calgary, Alberta

Seoul Country Korean Restaurant

During winter, we went to watch the Santa Parade that takes place on Banff Avenue just as the skies turn dark. Right after it, it appears to have a huge swarm of people and families looking for food. On top of the regular crowd, there’s also Christmas parties that are being held in Banff, so there seems to be twice as much people. We didn’t make a reservation for dinner anywhere, and when we walked by Seoul Country Korean Restaurant, and smelled how wonderful the place smelled, we decided to walk in. We were lucky as the the place had tons of tables and so there was room for us!

We decided we wanted to do the Korean BBQ style, and we ordered the Seafood Combination and the Barbeque Prime Rib Eye Beef and it definitely was enough food for 2. Once you order, it comes with a huge array of kimchi’s and I love kimchi, so it was great to eat alone or with rice. Shortly after that, we got our dishes to the table and the Beef was in a huge steak where they sliced it through a little to help it cook evenly and quicker.

Right beside it, but added a little bit later was the Seafood, and to my surprise, it actually tasted great! It was really fresh and didn’t have any fishy smell or taste to it. This combination platter has a huge assortment of seafood, such as mussels, shrimp and scallops!

Overall, the dining experience here was great! Be warned though, afterwards you do smell like bbq!! We tried doing Korean BBQ at home before and it was too much smoke to do at home as the smoke alarms kept going off… so, if you enjoy doing that, here’s a great place to go!

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Seoul Country Korean Restaurant

215 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-4941

Macleod Sushi & BBQ

All you can eat sushi is all I can say! We made it here with my sister and brother-in-law one evening after an exhausting day at the zoo. Needless to say, we were starving and figured we should eat at a place that offered “unlimited” food! This location is located on the west side of Macleod trail, and it’s a fairly large restaurant.

This restaurant is really neat, and it offers both Korean BBQ and sushi options. We ordered food from both, and the food was extremely delicious. I really enjoyed the seasoned raw meat that I got to cook on the BBQ on the middle of our table! It was such a fun experience!

The neat thing about this location, when you order “1 order” of something, you actually only get “ONE” item! It really helps as they know eventually you get full… so, in a way, they’re helping you out on sampling their food! My example would be the Salmon Teriyaki, as you can see, there’s only one piece! Not all of the plates of food was like this, but they were small portions!

My favourite sushi rolls from here would be Mango and Crispy Roll as well as the Smoked Salmon Roll

I really enjoyed all the sushi from here! It was actually better than the Korean BBQ, even though it was fun! The plates of sushi came out fast, the food was fresh and delicious!

To top of the entire eating experience here at Macleod Sushi & BBQ, dessert!! I ordered a bowl of Mango Tapica Pudding which was great as I got to leave this restaurant on such a high note. With a great dessert, it makes this restaurant really memorable!

Overall, I really enjoy this restaurant. It was never a place I thought about going to, but I’m so glad we stopped in! It has now become on the top of my list for sushi, all you can eat!

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Macleod Sushi & BBQ

Suite 100-5211 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB T2H
(403) 252-2999

Koreana BBQ Restaurant

Ahh, something different and totally delicious!! We popped into Koreana BBQ Restaurant with some great friends to try it out and it was so good! The prices were a little high, but it definitely could be a lot worse in the city! The space was open and there were private booths along one ends and regular booths on the other edge. In the centre were regular tables and all the tables throughout had the option of having a BBQ flame right at the table!

As most Korean places, they give you a wide selection of kimchi first and then your actual meal. Here, they gave us not only a large selection of kimchi, but they also had a really good soup with it. It was kind of like a miso soup, with more ingredients in it.

We ordered Seafood pancake (Hae Mul Pa Jeon) which was made with tons of seafood and made into an egg pancake with green onion! It definitely tasted as good as it looks and the dipping sauce it came with added just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness to the omelette.

We also ordered a delicious Korean cuisine soup, the Pork Bone Spicy Soup with Potato and Vegetable (Gam Ja tang) which was full of flavours and spice! The pork was fall of the bone tender and juicy and the potatoes and vegetables made it nice and hearty!

As you can now see, there were huge chunks of potatoes and tons of spices in this soup on the pork and throughout! It was a wonderful soup and extra special – perfect for a cold winter day!

The final dish we enjoyed for the evening would be the Marinated Grilled Beef Short Ribs in a large order – and we got them to cook it for us. It was cooked to perfection, tender, and the sauce that goes with it was unbelievable!

I am sure we will be back, either to try dishes such as these, or even their Korean Hot Pot and maybe even the actual Korean Tabletop BBQ!

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Koreana BBQ Restaurant
17-7400 Macleod Trl S
Calgary, AB
(403) 452-1020