Le Beaujolais New Years Eve 2014 Dinner – Banff, Alberta

We’ve been to Le Beaujolais many years ago for lunch and thought it would be the perfect dinner spot to ring in the New Year! We made a reservation for their Gala Seating for their 6 Course Dinner as we have nothing but fond memories of this restaurant! Decorated festively for the New Years, we were glad we came in to celebrate with them!

We sat down and it was quite cold outside, I just wanted a hot drink. As odd as it sounds, I ordered myself a cup of Hot Chocolate which I must say has become one of my favourite hot chocolates! I think they use a marshmallow whipped cream on top – but it made the cup of hot chocolate spectacular!

Once our drinks came and we got comfortable, they came around with the first course which they called Ocean Flavors which was cured Artic Char, Scallop Ceviche and Salmon Rillette. This was an amazing start as it just tickled our curiosity for the amazing dishes to come! Although you can’t really see the scallop ceviche, it was amazing, sweet and tender. The Artic Char was almost juicy although cured and the salmon rillette was my favourite! Almost like a salmon salad without all the other fixings, it was just perfect!

From here, we moved on to the next course their Lobster Duo which was lobster ravioli and butter poached lobster! I love lobster and to put this course down in front of me, I was in heaven! The lobster ravioli was actually filled with lobster meat in a delicious lemongrass bisque topped with the perfectly poached lobster claw makes this a dish to remember into the New Year!

We were then presented with their House Smoked Brome Lake Duck Brest, a beautifully smoked duck breast topped with some Riesling Foam and Port reduction really makes this dish shine! You really taste the smoke on the meat but it doesn’t overwhelm in any way! It was very delightful!

Here’s where we had a choice for the main entree, I went for their Maple and St Germain Glazed Sablefish that was prepared really delicately. The sablefish was perfectly cooked and it sat on a bad of smooth and creamy celery root puree. The sablefish was so flaky and fresh, I’m sure I could have eaten a million of them!

My husband ordered the Filet Mignon Marchand deVin which was a beautifully cooked and a generous portion of Filet Mignon with shallot confit. The meat was perfect in every aspect and very enjoyable. We really loved the Dauphine Potatoes as well as it was fried nicely on the outside and soft on the inside! The perfect mashed potato puff!

Just as we’re so full, there came a Cheese Board and I’m not much of a stinky cheese eater, but luckily my husband is! I enjoyed some Honey Almond toasted break and pear compote, while my husband had the bleu benedictin and le cendrillion with some pieces of toast! He enjoyed it thoroughly and I was waiting patiently for my dessert!

Now came what I was withing for, the Chocolate Surprise 2015 was a beautiful hazelnut mousse in a chocolate cup, topped with coffee foam! This dessert wasn’t too sweet and it was just delicate and delicious! What a perfect way to end 2014! We couldn’t have asked for a better night!

With a full stomach, we were ready to put behind 2014 and we went outside to celebrate the New Years! The staff equipped us with some hats/tiara’s and some noise makers on our way out! Happy New Year!

Restaurant Le Beaujolais

212 Buffalo Street
Banff, AB
(403) 762-2712