Tooloulou’s Restaurant – Banff, AB

Banff is one of my most favourite places to go to! I especially love this place for the different types of delicious food and stumbling into Tooloulou’s Restaurant was no exception. This place has Louisiana style food which was a nice treat from other cuisines around town. Located right on Caribou Street, just off Banff Avenue is this little gem.


We sat down and ordered some Alligator Bites which was a plate of alligator peices fried to a nice crisp with some dipping sauce. These were really good and quite amazing, we didn’t even need the sauce.

We also shared a Seafood Gumbo which was seafood stew with shrimp, clams, scallops, sausage and vegetables served over Cajun dirty rice. It was a delicious stew and it even came with some cornbread on the side.

Then, we shared their Shrimp Quesadilla which wasn’t anything too unusal, but it was a really good quesadilla as it’s not the normal protein suspect. I do love shrimp and I love quesadilla’s.. so, you put it together – I’m in love!

As everything tasted so delicious, we figured we’ll stuff ourselves to the max and order some dessert. We tried their Southern Pecan Pie and unfortunately this was the one thing we could have done without. It wasn’t very fresh and the pecans were soft and chewy as though it has been in the fridge too long. We actually didn’t finish off the dessert which was too bad.

Overall, we loved this place! We would be back for meals, and probably just wouldn’t end it with a dessert from here. There were other options, but the waiter did recommend this pie to us. We definitely enjoyed the alligator bites and gumbo though!

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Tooloulou’s Restaurant

204 Caribou Street
Banff, AB
(403) 762-2633