Aroma Restaurant – Authentic Mexican Cuisine – Canmore

Breakfast time can be tricky in Canmore to find a place to eat – and this time, we found ourselves in a Mexican restaurant called Aroma Restaurant which is just at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 8th Street (Main Street) in Canmore. With extensive hours, Aroma makes it easy for you to casually pop in for any meal of the day!

We went in and I quickly ordered a Mexican Hot Chocolate which has now become one of my favourite drinks for hot chocolate! I already attempted to make one at home, and it’s not as good!

For breakfast, I ordered the Ham and Cheese Burrito which was fantastic! The ingredients used in this burrito was so fresh and the salsa was amazing!

We also ordered the Rancheros which is a breakfast with 2 fired eggs on a tortilla and black beans, then topped with ranchero tomato sauce!

We enjoyed our breakfast so much we actually asked for dessert! What a neat treat – but we ordered a Mango Mousse which was a light cake with tons of mango flavour!

Overall, we really enjoyed our dining experience here, and it was a treat as I don’t usually go into a Mexican restaurant – as I thought it was a cuisine I don’t really enjoy… however, I think this maybe a new category I should start to explore as I loved my meal here!

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Aroma Restaurant – Authentic Mexican Cuisine

837 8 Street
Canmore, AB T1W 2B3
(403) 675-9913

Monday thru Friday
Breakfast & Lunch
10:30 a.m. to 3:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday
Breakfast – 8:00 a.m to 3:30 PM
Lunch – 13:30 a.m. to 3:30 PM

Dinner – 5:00 p.m to 10:00 PM

Wood Restaurant & Lounge Canmore

We took walk through Main Street (8 Street) in Canmore, Alberta which is basically one of the only streets in Canmore. We didn’t know where to eat, and found ourselves walking straight through the door of Wood Restaurant & Lounge just as the snow began to fall.

We walked in and was seated in these large cozy chairs right by the fireplace! What a perfect place to be during this snow! I really enjoyed the ambiance here! The only thing that was kind of wierd was the bathrooms, where they are located in the lower levels, and the men and ladies washrooms were in completely different areas!

I started the meal experience by ordering some hot tea. I thought it was strange that the waitress didn’t ask me what kind of tea I would like, but instead, she brought me a plate of awesome tea, which was Revolution Tea brand.

From here, I ordered their special, which they called Chicken Gyros which wouldn’t be the name I would call this dish I ended up receiving! It was awesome, don’t get me wrong – it just wasn’t made with chicken cooked on a vertical spit… at least I think anyway (which is the technical definition of gyros). Regardless, it was a great chicken sandwich in a pita, and I ordered it with a Brisket Soup on the side – which was one of their soup of the day!

We also ordered the Smoked BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich which was made of layers of thinly shaved smoked brisket smothered in BBQ sauce and piled onto a bun! Yes! It was as tasty as it sounds! We loved it! In fact, my brisket soup tasted a lot like this sandwich, only less BBQ sauce flavour and made much more heartier! Kind of like a twist on a borscht!

By the end of this meal, as good as all the food was, we were completely stuffed and saved no room for dessert! It’s quite a bummer as I would have loved to have a dessert from here – since the food was quite delicious!

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Wood Restaurant & Lounge

838 8 St
Canmore, AB T1W2B8
(403) 678-3404

Murrieta’s Bar & Grill – Canmore, Alberta

We went for a nice day trip to Canmore, Alberta and took a walk around the Bow River walk around Riverside Park. It was just a quick walk as it was really cold outside! We finished our walk and made it to downtown Canmore around 10:40AM, so we walked up and down the main street to see what we could eat for lunch. We ended up at Murrieta’s Bar & Grill as we wanted some food soon and to warm up – and they were opened at 11AM.

This restaurant is located on the second floor of a corner building right at Main Street. We were immediately greeted by really friendly staff, and it’s always funny when the staff ask where we’re from – “we’re only from Calgary!” but, it’s such a nice getaway it seems like we went faraway! We started off with some hot tea, as we were freezing! I ordered a Green Tea and my husband had a Earl Grey Lavender Tea. These packs of teas are really fancy, and full of flavour. The first cup wasn’t over powering and the second cup wasn’t super diluted!

We started off our lunch with an appetizer called Tempura Flour Crusted Calamari with this delicious Chipotle Mint Yogurt as a dipping sauce on the side. The calamari was so delicious on it’s own that you don’t “need” anything on the side. The calamari was super crispy on the outside with the nice thin batter that actually stayed on the calamari! Just a squeeze of fresh lemon really made the appetizer!

We both ordered sandwiches for lunch, and I had the delicious Grilled Chicken Sandwich which is a sandwich with
Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Vine Ripened Tomato, Lettuce, all stuffed between Olive Sourdough bread! I got my sandwich with a side of fries that were perfectly fried – and I couldn’t stop eating the fries! Even stuffed with fries, I was able to inhale my entire lunch! It was perfect!

The chicken sandwich actually had a really nice smokiness spread on the bread and it added tons of flavour to the sandwich. The chicken itself didn’t have too much flavour, but it wasn’t dry – which is very important to me! It’s kind of like their take on a “pulled chicken sandwich”!

We actually cut of meals in half and switched a half so we could taste what we both ordered. My husband ordered the 6oz House Made Beef Burger with a side of house salad. This classic burger is built with
White Cheddar, Horseradish Aioli, Lettuce, Vine Ripened Tomato, inside the Grilled Classic Burger Bun, topped with a Dill Pickle!

The beef burger was cooked to perfection – still a little pink inside with delicious beef juices running out! The burger was smoky, and it seemed like it was made on a grill. The vegetables in the burger was extremely fresh, which added a great crisp element to the sandwich. This could be one of my favourite burgers I’ve had in awhile!

At the end, I was sitting there already thinking about dessert. I was absolutely stuffed, but I decided I really wanted something sweet. We ordered the Cheesecake Souffle which is a neat plate with Cheesecake Souffle – poached pears, house made cookie, honey mint jelly! I must be honest, I was worried that the mint jelly would be overpowering, but it was a perfect compliment to the dessert making this the perfect dessert and very memorable!

Overall, this place was quite amazing! The food was really delicious, the service was great, and the prices was reasonable! All prices in Canmore seems to be set a little higher, but they all have the quality to back it up – which means I can go there expecting nothing but deliciousness!

Murrieta’s Bar & Grill

737 Main St
Canmore, AB T1W2B6
(403) 609-9500

Giorgio’s Trattoria – Banff, Alberta

Giorgio’s is a really good location for Italian cuisine in Banff, AB. It is located right on Main Street, which makes it really convenient if you’re just walking up and down the street trying to find something really good at a reasonable price. Sure, I haven’t been there for awhile now, but I remember my dinner well — so it was really a positive experience that is memorable.

I love shrimp and I ordered the Seafood Linguine, and as you can tell, it’s quite large in portion as I’ve eaten some before the picture was taken. The shrimp wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not the best either! You can see it as they do camouflage with the tomato sauce!

Very memorable, we had the braised rabbit, which doesn’t seem like they have that item anymore. It was really soft, tender, fall of the bone and juicy!! It was something I would have had again, but now we’ll try to find braised rabbit at other locations.

Giorgio’s Trattoria
219 Banff Avnue
Banff, AB