Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar – Market Mall, Calgary AB

I have been on a Frozen yogurt craze once I learned about them. I was in the north this one evening, and decided to take a walk through Market Mall in Northwest Calgary and found myself in front of Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar which is located near the Bay entrance to the mall.

I walked in without question, right to the back where you grab a bowl and fill it up with frozen yogurt. They had a nice selection of flavours, which is great!

After I selected my flavours, I went straight to the topping bar where I topped my froyo with all sorts of goodies. One thing that really stuck in my mind that was kind of neat was their Green Tea Mochi, which was a big green blob that was green tea flavour! They had lots of bursting bubbles or bobas which is pretty neat to me, and I’ve only experienced this through frozen yogurt – so be sure to grab some!

After my visit to the topping bar, we weight the cups and pay per ounce that we selected. Then, of course we sit down and enjoy the creations!

I quite like the topping selection here and the frozen yogurt isn’t full of ice crystals. It’s really smooth and tastes like the flavours it claims it’s suppose to! It’s a great treat and it’s always welcome as you can pick as much or as little of whatever!

Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar on Urbanspoon

Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar

3625 Shaganappi Trail Northwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 288-5466

Kim Chi Korean Delight

Food courts don’t need to be ordinary anymore! Market mall has added the Kim Chi Korea Delight, and it is indeed quite delightful! I normally get stuck with the regular food court franchises, and it’s quite refreshing to see something new!! So, of course I went to try it. When I went, I want to say it was still quite new, so it’s not as good as can be.

I’ve ordered Japchae (Stir-fry potato glass noodle with vegetables with beef), and you can choose between beef, chicken, shrimp, vegetarian. It was a great dish, and I really enjoyed the flavour, and the texture of the glass noodles.

We also ordered the special at the time with beef and chicken Bulgogi. Normally, the bulgogi is vegetable and meat stir-fry with Bulgogi sauce with rice and a choice of beef, chicken, shrimp, vegetarian. The special tasted really good, however the beef was a little tough.

Kim Chi Korean delight will definitely be in a the running next time I need to eat at Market Mall food court, as it was a great option when I didn’t want the ordinary!

  • Kim Chi Korean Delight - Market Mall, Calgary, AB
  • Kim Chi Korean Delight - Glass Noodles
  • Kim Chi Korean Delight - Chicken and Beef Combo

Kim Chi Korean Delight on Urbanspoon

Kim Chi Korean Delight

3625 Shaganappi Trail NW
Food court in Market Mall
Calgary, AB T3A

Milestone’s at Market Mall – Calgary, Alberta

We arrive to Milestone at Market Mall to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was nice, as the mall offers underground parking, which makes it really nice to go and enjoy a meal when it’s not so nice outside.

The environment was very upscale, and the food is decent. Between the 4 of us, we ordered very different dishes and had cajan shrimp diane, which was a generous portion of shrimp over rice.

We ordered their Seasonal feature which was fettuccine, and that was pretty delicious, with hand cut fettuccine, it was pretty fresh and tasty.

We ordered their lamb sirloin, which is a good portion of meat with some potatoes and season vegetables.

pacific coho. The Pacific Coho was really over cooked when it first arrived, and we did send it back to have a better cooked piece of fish. It was nice of the restaurant to be accommodating.

Even though we were celebrating a birthday, we were too full to enjoy a dessert.

Milestones Grill and Bar

3625 Shaganappi Trl NW
Calgary, AB T3A