Fruity Juice Bar

This is a little stall/stand inside Pacific Mall in Toronto. We walked by the stall in the morning, and we could smell the freshly brewed, newly steeped tea for milk tea. Immediately, we knew when the booth opened, we would need to purchase some sort of milk tea from Fruity Juice Bar. This stand is located on the second floor, through the beautiful Asian arch on the left.

We tried the Jasmine Iced Milk Tea with no pearls. I’m not usually a fan of the pearls (boba) in my drinks. It was a really good tasting milk tea flavoured tea, and you do get a jasmine flavour as a background. The drink was a little sweet, but overall it was an amazing drink.

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Fruity Juice Bar – Pacific Mall in Markham

4300 Steeles Ave E
Markham, ON L3R0T4
(905) 470-8785

City Hollywood Cafe – Toronto, Ontario

We took a red-eye flight out to Toronto for a quick trip. When we got there, we quickly picked up our rental can and checked into our hotel room. From there, we took a quick hot shower and went out looking for breakfast as it was only about 9am. We found a place where my cousin took us to a few years back called City Hollywood Cafe located behind Pacific Mall – 太古 on Steeles and Kennedy in Markham, Ontario.

We sat down, and I quickly ordered a cup of Milk Tea – 奶茶 as I was craving a cup – with condensed milk. It was quite strong of a tea and that’s the way I like it. When I got home, I actually made my own version of milk tea, and it’s just as good!

Since I was a tad jet lagged and really sleepy as we didn’t really get sleep from the night before, I opted out for something smaller. I ordered the French Toast – 西多士 I really like Chinese/Hong Kong style French Toast because they usually use Chinese “square bread” which usually is sweeter than your typical sliced bread. The egg batter is always thick and delicious – and the sheer amount of oil they use to make their French toast makes for a crispy breakfast

The breakfast set meals are always fun to order. They normally come with tons of stuff at a really good price – at only $4.99! This meal was also ordered with milk tea, and the set meal was for Cutlet Pork Chop with Egg. This particular meal came with toast, eggs, and of course a deep fried pork cutlet ontop of macaroni’s in soup.

Overall, I really enjoyed the few times I’ve been to City Hollywood Cafe and I’m sure I’ll be back again for any meal during the day! The food has always been really good, and nothing beats their prices and hours.

City Hollywood Cafe in Markham

4372 Steeles Ave E
Markham, ON M1V4S5
(905) 305-8877

Go For Tea – New Oriental Teahouse – Toronto, Ontario

Great place for Bubble tea off Midland Avenue and McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario. They do have 2 locations, but of course… I only went to one of them. We sat down for an “afternoon snack” and there were tables in there having “early dinners” and what not. It was neat! We started with just a slushie drink as it’s a nice light snack. The slush was very flavourful and we enjoyed the extensive menu!

We shared an order of their deep fried porklet, which was really crispy!

When we used to have a place kind of similar to this in Calgary, deep fried lobster balls was something I always enjoyed because it’s salty with a bit of sweetness and it always has a nice texture to me! These lobster balls was better than what Calgary can offer!

They do things from individual hot pot, to bowls of rice and we ordered a rice bowl which was a savoury and tangy with the pickled vegetables and the rice.

This was just a small snack for the 3 of us so that’s all we had! Off to the next stop for us!

Scarborough Go For Tea Location:

Unit 113 & 115, 3700 Midland Ave.
Scarborough, Ontario
416 292 0221