Pho So 1 (Midnapore) – Calgary, Alberta

We figured we’d go eat something we call “lighter” for dinner this particular evening and craving some pho. We didn’t want to go too far, so the internet directed us to Pho So 1 in Midnapore which was a convenient location with lots of other cuisines to eat around there. There was tons of parking and the location was quite big and busy.

We arrived in and found a few empty tables that weren’t cleaned off yet. We did find a table that was clean, but service then took awhile before anyone came with menus, and obviously even longer before the order was taken. As the wait was kind of long, we decided to start with an appetizer, their Goi Cuon – Salad Roll which did come out fast, and it was decent.

I really love “steamed egg pie” when I see it, I would usually get it – so I ordered their Bi Cha Suon. Here, it wasn’t the best as it seemed dried and old, and even over cooked. However, their grilled pork chop was excellent, tons of flavour, juicy and delicious. I would just get that over rice next time!

Another of our favourite would be the Pho Bo Kho – Beef Stew Noodle Soup which is always full of flavours and with a great noodle in a delicious broth. The noodles and the beef stew here wasn’t bad, but the broth and overall taste was a bit lacking.

Overall, we had an average meal, but I think if I was to come back, I would just get grilled stuff on rice as it seemed the best from this visit and try something different. I do like the location as it’s pretty close and convenient.

Pho So 1

240 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 984-3588