Yummy Yummy 好滋味 – Parker Place

During our stay in British Columbia – well, Richmond really… we stayed at the Radisson 2 blocks from Parker Place which was a Chinese Mall. I love it, since we don’t really have anything like that here in Calgary. One of the days that we were there, we got to break free from all the family events and we found ourselves here… looking for breakfast! We decided on the place with the longest line up, which just happens to be Yummy Yummy in the food court.

They actually move through their line up really quickly – or they tell you to sit down and wait for your order. They were really friendly and speedy! Everyone in the line in front of us was order Chinese HK style Milk Tea so, immediately, we knew we had to as well! It was actually quite a delicious cup of milk tea, one of our favourites during our visit actually!

We were looking for a light-ish breakfast as we knew we wanted a day with tons of food. So, I ordered the Condensed Milk with Toast which has always been one of my favourite breakfasts. I hate ordering it because I always think to myself I can make it at home, cheaper. But, regardless, that’s what I wanted, and that’s what I ordered!

My husband ordered a sandwich too, but his was the Corned Beef with Egg Sandwich which is something he has always loved! I don’t usually make corned beef, since I am not a fan – so I was really happy he ordered it for himself! He ate it in 4 bites, so obviously he was in love!

Then, just for fun, we ordered BBQ Pork Rice Rolls just because another person in front of us was, and there were other tables in the food court who were enjoying this dish as well. We didn’t go wrong, that’s for sure! The rice crepes were steamed fresh, and they had just the perfect amount of BBQ Pork. I loved this dish, and it was just so fulfilling!

Overall, we really liked our food court experience before we headed over to Vancouver for some adventure!

Yummy Yummy on Urbanspoon

Yummy Yummy

4380 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC V6X4E8
(604) 270-8830

Fruity Juice Bar

This is a little stall/stand inside Pacific Mall in Toronto. We walked by the stall in the morning, and we could smell the freshly brewed, newly steeped tea for milk tea. Immediately, we knew when the booth opened, we would need to purchase some sort of milk tea from Fruity Juice Bar. This stand is located on the second floor, through the beautiful Asian arch on the left.

We tried the Jasmine Iced Milk Tea with no pearls. I’m not usually a fan of the pearls (boba) in my drinks. It was a really good tasting milk tea flavoured tea, and you do get a jasmine flavour as a background. The drink was a little sweet, but overall it was an amazing drink.

Fruity Juice Bar (Pacific Mall) on Urbanspoon

Fruity Juice Bar – Pacific Mall in Markham

4300 Steeles Ave E
Markham, ON L3R0T4
(905) 470-8785

Homemade Hong Kong Style Nai Cha – 港式奶茶

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Recipe

I recently been craving a lot of childhood goodies, and one of the things I really like is Nai Cha which literally translates to “milk tea“. It’s also known as “Pantyhose Milk Tea – 絲襪奶茶” as historically, they used pantyhose as a filter to make this tea smooth. I really enjoy the Hong Kong style Nai Cha which is quite dark and strong, so I’ve been playing around with ways to make my own version at home.

4 cups of boiling water
6 Black Tea Bags
2-3 Tablespoons of Condensed Milk

First, in a pot, I add about 4 cups of water and bring it to a boil with the tea bags (with the bags in the water and the string sitting on the handle). I like to use Lipton Yellow Label Tea, but you can use whatever black tea you like.

Once the water boils with the tea bags, the water starts getting quite dark, and since I really like my Nai Cha strong, I reduce the heat a leave it at a simmer for awhile. I’ve been boiling it slowly for an hour.

Then, I let it cool a bit, put some condensed milk in the bottom of my cup and pour the tea on top.

Once I do that, the best part is next – stir and enjoy! These drinks are normally served with light meals or breakfast! But, I like this Nai Cha wherever and whenever!

Another alternative to this is the more traditional cafe style where you can replace the Condensed Milk with Evaporated Milk and sugar. Be sure to add the sugar before the evaporated milk if you choose to go that route! Both milks are wonderful in milk tea! If you’re craving iced milk tea, make the nai cha with either sugar and evaporated milk or condensed milk and allow it to cool for a bit. Then, in a tall glass, fill it with ice and pour the nai cha over the ice – stir and enjoy!