Hilltop Diner – Langley, British Columbia

On our drive to Vancouver, we’ve heard amazing stories and reviews about Hilltop Diner and also watched Food Networks You Gotta Eat Here come by this location – so we HAD to make a stop and visit this lovely establishment!

Once we got a seat after a long wait as they’re very popular (and well worth the wait), we got our menus. After we ordered, I think the waitresses realized I was taking pictures of everything and shared their scrapbook with us. This amazing scrapbook is filled with memorabilia of films/movies and shows that used this restaurant! If you’re interested, I’d recommend asking to see it! Shortly after we started flipping through this scrapbook, our order of the soup of the day came, which was Turkey Dumpling soup. This soup was really amazing and I’ve actually have had nothing like it before!

I ordered their Classic Burger which I figured if it’s “classic”, it’s probably pretty awesome and popular! This amazing burger had a 5oz patty with fried onions and the classic toppings of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. The thing that really stood out was the sauce they used on the burger, it was very tasty!

My husband ordered their Mushroom Mozza Burger which was another super delectable burger! This burger had a 5oz patty with mushrooms under melted mozza cheese, and also topped with their classic toppings of lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. Instead of fries, we got onion rings with this burger, and I love onion rings, and they did a good batter and fry here!

You would think after eating burgers the size of our heads, we would be so stuffed and call it a day. However, this diner is known for their homemade pies, so there was no way I was going to leave without getting a slice. We ordered a rustic pie, which not many people know about, it’s the Flapper Pie and secretly it’s a pie I hope becomes as popular as Apple Pies! This pie had the perfect graham crust with a perfectly creamy custard filling – just the way it’s suppose to be (not with jello custard)!

Overall, this place was amazing! If it wasn’t so far out of the way, I wish I could visit here more often and try other selections on their menu!

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Hilltop Diner

23904 Fraser Highway
Langley, BC