Nescafe Instant Coffee – 1+2 Instant Coffee with Creamer & Sugar

I’ve been exhausted lately, and I don’t normally drink coffee… but, I’ve been wanting coffee – so I’ve tried instant coffee. I picked up a pack of Nescafe‘s instant coffee with sugar and cream in one package.

This instant coffee is really convenient, since to prepare this, you just need to add boiling water, mix and enjoy. It doesn’t make a lot of coffee, which is perfect for me. It is full of coffee flavour, with a nice amount of creamer and sugar. I usually finish the entire cup!

I think a pack of this would be GREAT for traveling, or anything like that. It’s much easier to make a pot of boiling water than to carry some coffee powder, creamer and sugar. A box also has many packages, which comes in little perfectly portioned out packages, making this really portable.