Pho Huong Viet Noodle House – Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been told by more than just friends and co-workers to try Pho Huong Viet Noodle House on numerous occassions as they all recommend this Vietnamese restaurant location to us. We made an effort to try it as we were craving some good Vietnemese food. The nice thing about this restaurant is there is lots of parking, hoewever, it’s very popular as we watched families needing to wait for quite some time during our visit.

Once we sat down, service was really quick as they knew that there’s people waiting for our table. We decided we would start with Salad Rolls and they were pretty tasty here! Even though they came out quick, it seemed like it was made fresh to order!

We decided to eat order some Chicken Wings and the wings were really nicely fried, and the pieces were larger than usual chicken wings. It was really tasty with their salt and pepper seasoning.

I wasn’t feeling the greatest during this visit so I opt’ed for something a little less strong in flavour. I got the Chicken Pho Noodle Soup which was fantastic. There was so much chicken in the soup, and the soup was really delicious. The texture of the noodles was perfect as it wasn’t hard or soggy!

The other noodle dish that we ordered was their Huong Viet Special Sate Beef Noodle Soup and this was really quite delicious. The soup base was loaded with amazing flavours and the beef was still tender and juicy.

Our overall experience here was amazing! Everyone was right – the food was great! The location was good too! There’s a reason why this little place is so busy

Pho Huong Viet Noodle House

3855 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 686-3799

Suzu Japanese Noodle House – San Francisco, California

This one evening, we didn’t know where to go for dinner. We were on the San Francisco side as we were doing some sigh seeing, so we decided we would go for Japantown for some ramen for dinner and we ended up finding Suzu Japanese Noodle House inside a little mall. The place was little and packed so make sure you have some patience if you want to try them – it’s worth it!

We started with an order of Gyoza as well all know, I love dumplings. They pan fried the dumplings here really nicely and the pork inside was really well seasoned. It was a thin skin and delicious!

I ordered their Cha Shu Ramen with Shoyu flavour soup and it was actually really delicious! The broth was excellent and the cha shu was tender, juicy and flavourful! The texture of the ramen was really nice and the noodles were really fresh!

We saw a news article outside the window of this restaurant where someone was showcasing their Suzu Ramen so my husband got that! It was quite different as it had karaage, fried gyoza and corn in his soup. His soup was miso flavoured and that was super tasty as well. We didn’t like the fried gyozas nearly as much as the pan fried ones that we got as an appetizer but the noodles are as tasty as it looks!

We also ordered a bowl of Kakuni Ramen with shoya flavour – which was their braised pork belly. It looked and smelled delicious and it was eaten completely withouth a word! So, it was awesome!

Overall, we loved our experience here. We all thought it was worth the wait and we know we could be back! The prices were reasonable, the service was quick and friendly and most importantly, the food was so good!

Suzu Japanese Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Suzu Japanese Noodle House

1825 Post St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 346-5083

Fat Kee Noodle House

I’ve been going to Fat Kee for many years now, and I love their fresh noodles that they make for their distributors — they use the same noodles for their customers! You’ll always get their freshest noodles, and many other products.

This place is a little place, and the food is really reasonable, with great quality!! Sure, their specialty noodle dishes maybe a little bit smaller than going somewhere else, but you must remember, they aren’t as expensive! The best thing about smaller portions, you can try more variety!

It is extremely busy here during weekdays in the afternoon, and many evenings as people order takeout. It appears that they have a lot of customers who are return customers, as the waitress seem to really know their guests and their preferences!!

Fat Kee offers quite traditional food as well as North American Chinese food, both really tasty!! Be sure to pick up some of their noodles from T&T! 🙂

We really enjoy their deep fried tofu, it’s actually deep fried tofu, and deep fried again to a crisp. It’s served with some salt on the side for you to dip it in, but it’s actually flavourful enough as is.

We also often order the Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken and rice, and it’s also really delicious. They steam the chicken, and top it with chilies & ginger. The soy sauce that the chicken sits in is really good with rice!! If you just want to eat a bowl of rice with some sauce, this would be the sauce!!!

As always, I eat Shanghai Noodles everywhere I go, so it is no surprise I have it here as well. The noodles as mentioned are really fresh and soft, with the right amount of seasoning and pork. They don’t need to add much to the already perfect noodles!

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  • Fat Kee Fried Tofu
  • Fat Kee Chicken and Rice
  • Fat Kee Shanghai Noodles

Fat Kee Noodle House on Urbanspoon

Fat Kee Noodle House

345-3132 26 St NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 250-8436